The English Department's goal is to develop in every Salisbury student the ability to read and think critically and analytically, and to write and speak with clarity and precision. We strive to instill in our students a life-long love of reading through an understanding and appreciation of both the traditional canon of Western literature and the diversity of expression and ideas of different cultures. All courses include continual practice in writing, with emphasis on the expository essay as well as opportunities for creative and personal writing. Vocabulary development is stressed throughout the program.

In the third and fourth forms, the curriculum provides a solid foundation in thinking and writing skills and exposes students to a variety of literary genres and traditions, including mythology, short stories, novels, poems, plays and essays. A year-long theme unifies students’ reading and thinking in each of the lower forms: “coming of age” for the Third Form and “man’s dual nature” for the Fourth Form. Formal study of grammar is also an integral part of the curriculum for the lower forms.

The fifth form year concentrates on American literature. Students undertake a research project involving a particular author, period or theme, often in conjunction with their course in American History. Preparation for the SAT I and II tests is a regular part of classwork. Sixth form students, while continuing to hone their writing and test-taking skills, may select from a variety of elective courses in American and world literature or in modes and methods of composition. The most capable fifth and sixth form students enroll in the two-year program of Advanced Placement English Language and Composition followed by Advanced Placement Literature and Composition.

To learn more about our English courses please view our Curriculum Guide 

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