Life on the Hilltop

For most of our students, attending Salisbury is the first experience of being away from home and the first time you must be responsible for so many aspects of your own life. Boarding is not always easy, but adjustments are often stress-free because of our close-knit community of peers and adults who have respect for and care about one other.

Your roommate may be from California, you may have a classmate from Germany and someone in your advisee group may be a day student from Lakeville.  The Sarum brotherhood spans the globe:  introducing you to many new cultures, traditions and beliefs, as well as differing ideas. 

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Dorm Life: Your Home Away from Home

The central unit in your life at Salisbury is the group of students with whom you live.  Life in the dormitory is one of the most rewarding aspects of the boarding school environment.  Approximately 275 of Salisbury’s 300 students live within ten student residences on the Hilltop. 

Residents are grouped by form (third, fourth and fifth/sixth).  Most boys share a room with another student, though some single rooms are available.  New students are assigned dorms while returning students choose their rooms and roommates.  Each dorm has a common area for use by all residents.  A television and microwave are available in each of these rooms.  Many dorms also offer vending and laundry facilities.

Faculty instructors and their families live within our dormitories and provide supervision, guidance and advice as well as fun and friendship. 

Each dorm is also assigned at least one prefect.  These sixth formers assist dormitory faculty in leading the supervision of the dorms and day students.  These boys are specially selected for their leadership ability and serve as role models to the students within the dorm and around campus.

Salisbury dormitories include:

  • Carr House
  • Langdon House
  • Main Dormitory
  • North Dormitory
  • Payson Dormitory
  • Priestman Cottage 
  • Quaile House
  • Rennell House
  • South Dormitory
  • Ward House

Day Students

As a day student, you will keep the same schedule of daily appointments and commitments as boarding students.  In addition, a faculty member is assigned to work with you much like that of a dorm parent residing within a dorm.


Day students are expected to arrive at the School by 8:00 a.m. and stay until they have met their last commitment (or no later than dormitory check-in).

Day Students’ Rooms

Rooms are located on the ground floor of North Dormitory, adjacent to the visitor’s parking circle. One room is set aside for quiet study; it is furnished with study carrels, comfortable chairs, and data ports. The other room is outfitted with lockers, couches, and chairs, a data port, and a telephone; this room is used as a lounge/common room. Each day student is assigned a locker, a school-supplied combination lock, and a key to the day students’ rooms. (Like every other student at Salisbury, you are also assigned a locker in the gymnasium, where you are expected to keep all of your athletic equipment.)

Motor Vehicles

Day students wishing to drive to and from school each day must complete a form available in the Deans' Office.

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International Student Life

Salisbury is fortunate to have students from around the world attend our school and is proud to have students representing numerous countries choose to pursue their secondary school education on the Hilltop, including the Bahamas, Bermuda, Cameroon, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Namibia,Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

We provide wonderful opportunities for our international students.  The School offers numerous chances for students to improve their English expression, become familiar with American styles of thought and make cross-cultural friends.  We also endeavor to be proactive in offering programming aimed at enabling international students to adjust to American teaching methods.

Our international students also provide the entire community with a better understanding about a variety of national histories and cultures--an important tool for all Salisbury boys to develope in today's global society.  Throughout the year, events are hosted where boys share customs with fellow students and faculty members.  For instance, Salisbury annually celebrates the Asian New Year with a big festival in the Dining Room.  

Of special note, an international student orientation is held at the beginning of each school year for new students. And, International students meet regularly with the two international student advisors, Chair of the History Department Rhonan Mokriski '90 and Instructor in Mandarin Chinese Yukun Luo.

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Weekend Activities

Salisbury’s student activities director organizes a variety of events each weekend.

A sample of weekend activities might include:

  • Dances at area girls' schools
  • Saturday night shuttle to the movie theater
  • Skiing/snowboarding trips
  • Play performances
  • Salisbury coffee houses
  • Salisbury Winter Carnival
  • Visiting comics
  • Trips to laser tag and paint ball
  • Community service
  • Trips to local shopping malls
  • Bowling trips
  • Fan buses to Salisbury athletic events
  • Amusement park trips
  • Weekly Sunday shuttles to nearby Millerton, NY, and Canaan, CT, for access to a movie theater, grocery store and drug store.
Belin Lodge 

Belin Lodge, the School’s student center, offers a fully-stocked snack bar, ping-pong and pool tables, and large screen TVs. This is a frequent hang out for the boys where they can just come to relax, meet friends and have fun.

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Dress Code

Salisbury Students are expected to be neat and clean in their appearance and to wear specified attire at all functions and meetings.

School Dress (For classes, sit-down meals, cafeteria lunches and chapel services)
  • Sport coat or blazer
  • Dress shirt and tie
  • Turtlenecks (acceptable during the winter trimester)
  • Dress pants
  • Bermuda length shorts (may be worn in warm weather)
  • Socks
  • Belt or suspenders
  • Shoes
Casual but Neat (For cafeteria dinners)
  • Collared Shirt
  • Casual pants or Bermuda length shorts
  • Footwear

Casual (For dinner on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday meals)
  • A clean and neat appearance is expected
  • No sleeveless shirts

Your hair must be neat, combed and cut in a traditional fashion.

You are expected to be clean-shaven every day; sideburns may not extend below the bottom of his earlobe. Mustaches and beards are not allowed.


If desired, you may wear one stud earring in your earlobe.

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Weekly Schedule

Within our weekly schedule, time is dedicated to academics, athletics, chapel, Saturday classes, sit-down meals, school meetings and other valued traditions that define Salisbury. 

A unique aspect of the School's weekly schedule is the multiple use "X" Block. During this period, you may find students engaged in a variety of activities including Leadership Initiative seminars, extracurricular club meetings, class review sessions or advisor meetings.

2017-2018 Weekly Schedule

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