Health Services

Our Mission

Health Services' mission is to provide quality, comprehensive health care to all students of the Salisbury School community. Our goal is to provide primary patient care and health education that pertains to both clinical and behavioral health concerns. Salisbury School Health Services includes a health center (licensed by the State of Connecticut, housing both a primary care clinic and a four-bed infirmary), mental health support services, and athletic training.

Health Center Hours

Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

An on-call provider is available during times when the health center is closed. The on-call provider can be reached by contacting the dean on duty.

Contacting the Health Center

Telephone: 860-435-5748
Fax: 860-435-5749

Required Health Forms and Student Medical Records

The Salisbury School Health Center contracts with Magnus Health for the collection and maintenance of student medical records.  Magnus Health is a secure and easy-to-use Web site for online submission and storage of your child’s medical information. The Magnus Health account contains all of the pertinent medical forms (physical exam and immunization forms, permission to treat, insurance, etc.) as well as information regarding prescription medications. 

Upon enrollment, parents are automatically assigned a Magnus Health account, which can be accessed through Salisbury School’s Parent Portal. New parents will be provided login information to access the Parent Portal in late June.

Each year, returning parents must access their child’s Magnus Health account in order to obtain and submit the required health forms. The Magnus Health account can be accessed via the Parent Portal under the "Magnus Health" tab.

Physical exams are required yearly and all immunizations must comply with State of Connecticut regulations. Requirements must be completed prior to registration. Please contact the health center at with any questions or concerns.

The Clinic

The clinic is staffed by several nurses, a full-time nurse practitioner and a physician available to provide clinical consultation and care. Students are always welcome to be seen in the clinic on a walk-in and/or appointment basis. Clinic visits are free-of-charge. Assistance includes first aid, routine primary care for common illnesses and various other services including but not limited to: blood draws, asthma treatment, strep throat and mono testing, wound care, vaccinations/immunizations and physical exams. Common over-the-counter health-related products are also for sale in the Health Center.

The Infirmary

Admission to the infirmary is at the discretion of the Health Center staff and the director of health services.


In addition to the clinic and infirmary, the Health Center also houses a medication dispensary, providing prescription medications to students. Click here for more information regarding the medication policy.

Subspecialty Consultation

The Health Center maintains the ability to refer students to subspecialty care in the local community when indicated. This includes referral to the local emergency room and hospital if necessary. Appointment times and transportation to such care is arranged by the Health Center. Transportation fees are charged to the student’s debit account.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Salisbury School believes that the relationship among students, parents, and healthcare providers is strengthened by a mutual understanding of the basic rights and responsibilities of each of the parties. Please click here for a copy of Salisbury School’s Confidentiality and Limited Information Sharing Policy.

For more information regarding Health Services, please refer to the Student Handbook.

Beth Hammond
Director of Health Services

Salisbury CT Boys Private School Director of Health Services






Salisbury School Health Services’ mission is to provide quality, comprehensive health care to all students of the School community. Our goal is to provide patient care and health education pertaining to the whole health of our students, in a manner that is integrated into the daily life and community spirit of the School.  Health Services strives to meet this goal by focusing valuable resources on health promotion and disease prevention, while at the same time meeting a high standard of health care provision.

Athletic Training

The athletic training staff works in collaboration with both the Athletic Department and Health Services. The athletic trainers evaluate all athletic injuries and determine athletic status using consultation with the school physician when necessary.

Mental Health Support

Salisbury School Health Services works in close collaboration with a consulting counselor and a psychiatrist who see students on the School campus. Individual counseling is available for students who indicate a desire or need for such support related to emotional, behavioral or adjustment concerns. The Mental Health Services staff also offers non-individual services such as group counseling services, group support services and health and wellness seminars.

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