Graduation Requirements

Salisbury’s diploma requirements illustrate the faculty’s long-standing commitment to a curriculum reflecting balance and depth. Salisbury graduates have an excellent foundation for college work. They have carried a full academic schedule with a variety of course work throughout their Salisbury years.

  • English - 4 years
  • History - 3 years (1 year U.S. History)
  • Mathematics - 3 years
  • World Language - 3 years of one or 2 years of two languages
  • Science - 2 years (laboratory)
  • Art -3 trimesters
  • Philosophy & Religion- 3 trimesters


Grade Point Average Calcluations 

Positioning our students for optimal success in the college selection process is a key focus for each boy, his parents, and the School.  In this spirit, we are pleased to implement the calculation of an overall grade point average (GPA).  A cumulative GPA will also be listed on the student’s official transcript in addition to our standard practice of letter grades from each instructor.  This is a common practice amongst many of our peer schools across New England, as well as in most public schools. 

Letter GradeNumber
 Letter GradeNumber Value
A+100-97 (4.3) C+79-77 (2.3)
96-93 (4.0) 76-73 (2.0)
A-92-90 (3.7) C- 72-70 (1.7)
B+89-87 (3.3) D+69-67 (1.3)
B86-83 (3.0) 66-63 (1.0)
B-82-80 (2.7) D-62-60 (0.7)

In addition, we are also introducing the practice of weighting grades for honors and AP classes.  The purpose of this is to recognize and reward students for taking a more rigorous program of study and to give them a numerical advantage when determining relative academic performance and related honors.. Advanced Placement courses will be weighted with an additional two thirds (.66) of a point, and courses with an Honors designation will be weighted with an additional one-third (.33) of a point.

The benefits to adding a GPA to the transcript and to weighting grades serve several purposes:

  • It gives Salisbury and colleges a more accurate academic profile of each student.
  • It positions the student for optimal success in the college process.
  • It recognizes and rewards those who succeed in our most rigorous academic courses.

The Academic Office will implement these new changes for all students currently enrolled who will complete their course of study by May 2015 and after. Grades for all courses completed in prior terms at Salisbury will be converted using the new system. Students who have graduated prior to June 2015 will not have their GPA converted to the new system.  


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