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aerial view of campus during fall with purple wildflowers

Welcome to Salisbury School

Doing Everything Right For Boys

Doing everything right for boys at our CT boarding school for more than 100 years.  Salisbury is a college prep high school designed for boys to succeed and a place where tradition matters.

Get a feel for life on the Hilltop and the spirit of Salisbury by watching the School's latest video!


Discover Salisbury

Hilltop Happenings

GivePower Salisbury Trek 2023

While the GivePower Trek concluded December 2023, the Salisbury boys and faculty members who participated know and are reminded daily that their positive impact is lasting. During a short week, they made an immediate difference in the lives of a village in Colombia. The solar system they installed in Hondible will provide essential clean power for decades to come, unlocking new opportunities for the community.

Winter Classic 2024

On Saturday, February 17, the Hilltop was abuzz with excitement at our annual Winter Classic. Attendance was record-breaking at over 200 alumni, parents, and friends from far and wide! 

Sarum: The Spirit of Salisbury

In 2019 Salisbury partnered with The Film Guys to produce a video for the School. The result was our incredibly beloved Salisbury Gentle-man” video. This fall, The Film Guys returned to campus charged to create a sequel defining the undefinable “Sarum”. The result is a creative reflection of our School’s culture that captures the spirit, energy, and bonds of Brotherhood that define the Salisbury experience: “Sarum: The Spirit of Salisbury” 

Walter Billingsley ’82 Memorial Lecture Series: Jon Bowermaster

The Walter Billingsley ’82 Memorial Lecture Series continued on Tuesday, January 24, as the Salisbury community gratefully welcomed members of the Billingsley family and writer, filmmaker, and adventurer Jon Bowermaster to the Hilltop. This annual lecture has a long tradition of speakers who challenge and inspire the way one looks at the world and personal choices.

Winter Traditions

With the holiday season here, and Winter Break fast approaching, we have been reveling in celebrations and traditions on the Hilltop, truly embodying our community and Brotherhood. 

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