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About Us

Salisbury School instills in boys a vibrant enthusiasm for learning and the self-confidence needed for intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual development. Built on essential core values, the School's unique culture promotes brotherhood, creativity, empathy, humility, integrity, leadership and respect.  Salisbury graduates men of character and promise who are prepared to meet the challenges of college and adulthood and to make a difference in an entrepreneurial, technological and cosmopolitan world.



The goal of the Salisbury School admissions office is to educate prospective families, feeder schools and educational consultants about the remarkable attributes and strengths of a Salisbury education.  In promoting the unique benefits and special experiences of a boys’ school education the ideal is to find the right match for the boy and the School.


Salisbury offers a traditional secondary school curriculum that is designed to prepare students for the rigors of college.  Honors level and advanced placement courses are available for students seeking a more challenging curriculum.  Many required courses also offer sections at a more moderate pace.  


Our program encourages students to practice skills and the discipline to be intuitive. We strive to balance individual expression with theory, and technique and connect to an awareness of the role of art in society and to celebrate it. We see our role as offering opportunities; some students follow a passion, others try something for the first time.


Salisbury has a rich tradition of athletic competition dating back to the School’s founding in 1901. Our founding headmaster, George E. Quaile, believed it was just as important for boys to develop their bodies as it was to develop their minds.

We at Salisbury continue that belief to this day. Our school mission states that one of Salisbury’s goals is to develop self-confidence through physical development. It also states that we are a community that fosters long-lasting ties of friendship, healthy competition and enjoyment of life. 

Student Life

Salisbury is more than a boys’ boarding school. It's a community. From the moment they first arrive to the day they graduate, our students all play important roles in the life of the School.

We are committed to character-based education and operate on an honor code. Various programs and numerous leadership opportunities offered throughout the year are focused on providing our boys with the ethical development needed as they begin to face adulthood.


Loyalty. Honor. Sarum.

Salisbury is a school that honors its past while building for its future. Tradition plays an important role on the Hilltop, within our alumni programming and in honoring those who came before us.  The mission of the Salisbury Alumni Association (SAA) is to engage and foster strong lifelong bonds between the school and its alumni body. The SAA will work to promote, maintain and establish worthwhile educational, networking and social events that will represent the interests of all alumni, while building, supporting and sustaining the priorities of the School mission.


Welcome Salisbury Parents!  We hope you find this section of our website helpful.  It is intended to give you quick access throughout the year to important dates, Parents Association highlights, local interests and other additional information connecting you to life at Salisbury.


Salisbury School is a special place. On the Hilltop, boys grow and mature, develop the skills and learn the lessons that will guide them now and in their lives ahead. It is affirming and inspiring to see the care and excellence that Salisbury’s faculty and staff bring to the classrooms, fields, dorms, athletic facilities and the dining hall on a daily basis.

This excellence will play out every year in the life of each Salisbury boy and is at the core of a Salisbury education. While it is fostered and nurtured by the faculty and staff here on campus, it is supported and endowed by generous philanthropic support from Salisbury’s alumni, parents and friends. It is supported by you.

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