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Our Curriculum

Salisbury offers you a traditional secondary school curriculum that is designed to prepare you for the rigors of college. Rich departmental course offerings are carefully designed to teach you to write and read well, and to think independently as you hone the ability to apply the learning skills essential to achieving your full potential. Expectations in the classroom are high, and we expect you to prepare thoroughly for your lessons, participate in classroom discussions and to perform to the best of your abilities.

Honors level and Advanced Placement courses are available for  those of you seeking a more challenging curriculum. Some required courses also offer sections at a more moderate pace.


Classes meet Monday through Saturday. Our academic calendar is divided into trimesters; standard course load for students in all grades consists of five courses per trimester with one trimester of six courses in the fourth, fifth and sixth form year. Examinations are held at the end of each trimester.  Mid-term and end-of-trimester grades and advisor reports are provided.

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This is where it starts!

One of the most important benefits to sending your son to a private boys’ school is the advantage it will give him when applying for college.

Our students work closely with advisors and use sophisticated tools to identify the best schools for them and put together a strong application package that will increase their chances of acceptance.

We have been one of the most successful college prep boarding schools in the Northeast at getting our students into the institution of their choice.

Visit our College Advising page to learn more.