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read and think critically

The English department believes that the ability to think, read, and write through both critical and creative lenses is vital for success. The progression of our curriculum is designed to introduce and develop these skills in a manner that aligns with the intellectual and emotional growth of boys during their teenage years. Our goal is that students, upon graduating from Salisbury, possess the tools needed to succeed in the next chapter of their education as well as in the world beyond the classroom. 

All courses include continual practice in writing, with emphasis on the expository essay as well as opportunities for creative and personal writing. Vocabulary development is stressed throughout the program.

Advanced Placement English Language and Composition is available to qualifying Fifth Form students, while exceptional Sixth Form students may apply for Advanced Placement Literature and Composition. The English Department also offers honors sections in the fourth, fifth, and sixth forms, which motivated and capable students may apply to take.

English Offerings at Salisbury:


The academic life at Salisbury is motivating. The teachers, coaches, and mentors at Salisbury are exceptional. They bring passion and expertise into their intimate classroom settings. Collaboration, innovation, problem solving, creativity, and civic responsibility are just some of the principles that guide Salisbury School’s educational model. Most importantly, these men and women partner with you each day and always with the highest expectations. 
Dean of Academic Life Sarah Mulrooney