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become an active and aware global citizen

The History Department at Salisbury School endeavors to understand both the facts and the interpretation of history. You will gain skills to gather evidence, pose and answer questions, and mobilize substantiation in order to make an argument.

As a Salisbury history student you will also be equipped with the ability to access, evaluate, and use different forms of communication to exercise critical thinking, demonstrate international awareness, communicate complex ideas effectively, and employ problem-solving skills that will help make you an active and aware global citizen.

A Glimpse At Just Two Of Our Offerings:


This three-trimester course examines The Cold War between the United States and the USSR. This forty-plus year conflict was the dominant social force in the second half of the twentieth century, influencing both foreign and domestic policy in the United States. (Full Year Course)






This year-long course will examine the social, cultural, demographic, and economic experience of the Fowlkes family and, by extension, the experience of the African American community in rural northwestern Connecticut during this era.

Work product will include an extensive family tree, a compendium of oral interviews, a large exhibit/art exhibit utilizing conserved/digitized examples from the photo collection, and a short documentary movie on the family, their experiences, and the world they inhabited and interacted with. 

Course Catalog

The academic life at Salisbury is motivating. The teachers, coaches, and mentors at Salisbury are exceptional. They bring passion and expertise into their intimate classroom settings. Collaboration, innovation, problem solving, creativity, and civic responsibility are just some of the principles that guide Salisbury School’s educational model. Most importantly, these men and women partner with you each day and always with the highest expectations.

* Please note that an addendum for our 2019-2020  History course descriptions is available by clicking here.

Sarah Mulrooney
Dean of Academic Life 
or 860-435-5726.