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A focus on problem-solving

The Mathematics Department aims to prepare you for your current and future study in the myriad of quantitative disciplines at Salisbury and in preparation for college. Our focus on problem-solving across the curriculum reflects the breadth of Mathematics application in the physical and social sciences, in engineering, and in commerce. Small class sizes provide a safe and interactive classroom climate in which you will feel free to question, experiment, and take risks. Faculty members blend traditional approaches along with methods that harness the power of visualization, collaboration, and inductive learning enabled by technology.

Placement is based largely on recommendations from prior teachers and, when necessary, on Mathematics placement tests. Our core requirements of Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II are taught at multiple levels to ensure you are appropriately challenged and supported. Virtually all students study beyond Algebra II, through Precalculus and Calculus.

Economics courses are offered through the Salisbury Mathematics Department. In addition, we offer Advanced Placement courses in Calculus, Computer Science, Economics, and Statistics. We also offer a year-long course in Multivariable Calculus. By permission of the department and the Director of Studies, we also arrange for and enable students to receive academic credit for independent studies or online courses in advanced topics such as Abstract Linear Algebra.

A Glimpse At Three Of Our Math Offerings:


A thorough introduction to multivariable calculus and mathematical methods used to solve problems in three dimensions. Topics include limits, continuity and differentiability in several variables, Lagrange multipliers, Taylor's theorem, multiple integrals, integration on curves and surfaces, Green's, Stokes' and divergence theorems. While the course emphasizes concrete computations over proof, it demands that students move beyond thinking of mathematics as a set of rules and algorithms to memorize, approaching problems with greater independence and maturity.





The course emphasizes object-oriented programming methodology with a concentration on problem solving and algorithm development, and is meant to be the equivalent of a first-semester college-level course in computer science. It also includes the study of data structures, design, and abstraction and follows the proscribed curriculum for the AP. 


The course introduces students to the central ideas of computer science, instilling the ideas and practices of computational thinking and inviting students to understand how computing changes the world. The rigorous course promotes deep learning of computational content, develops computational thinking skills, and engages students in the creative aspects of the field.

Course Catalog

The academic life at Salisbury is motivating. The teachers, coaches, and mentors at Salisbury are exceptional. They bring passion and expertise into their intimate classroom settings. Collaboration, innovation, problem solving, creativity, and civic responsibility are just some of the principles that guide Salisbury School’s educational model. Most importantly, these men and women partner with you each day and always with the highest expectations.

* Please note that an addendum for our 2019-2020 Mathematics and Economics and Entrepreneurship course descriptions is available by clicking here. 

Sarah Mulrooney
Dean of Academic Life 
or 860-435-5726.