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Summer Math Training

Grow Your Skills for Success

Salisbury School encourages you to seize the opportunity to sharpen your math skills by engaging in Summer Math Training.  Through targeted, consistent training during the off-season, you can grow your abilities and enter the new school year with confidence.

Sharpening your math skills is like training for any sport.  You don’t get better at a sport by watching it or talking about it or buying new equipment.  You get better by playing the sport.  Getting better at math is similar; you don’t get better by watching somebody else do math problems.  You get better by simply doing the problems yourself.  You get better at math by doing math.  It’s not always easy, but struggle, perseverance, and grit are a crucial part of the process. 


Learning how to learn is at the core of a Salisbury education.  By engaging in Summer Math Training, you are expected to take ownership of your learning.  Discovering how to find information you need to solve a problem is a skill that will serve you for the rest of your life.

To begin your Summer Math Training, simply click on the course you are enrolled in.  Print out your training manual, show your work, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and train hard to make up for any weaknesses you may have.  Bring all your work to hand-in on the first day of classes.  This training program is your opportunity to grow your skills, and your teacher looks forward to reviewing your progress.