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World Languages


proficiency in language and exposure to culture


The Salisbury School World Languages Department seeks to develop proficiency in language through exposure to different elements of culture including history, art, music, and cinema.

Through the use of integrated multimedia texts and Rosetta Stone, the French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese programs strive to develop the interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational communication skills of each individual learner. The Latin program focuses on precision with translation, and students master key concepts such as sentence structure, vocabulary translated within a contextual sense, and an understanding of the passage. Students in all language classes take an active role in the classroom through discussion, projects, presentations, and performance of authentic cultural practices.

Advanced Placement courses are offered for qualifying students in French, Spanish, and Latin. We also provide post-AP level studies in French and Spanish for students in the sixth form who have completed the AP course and wish to continue their studies.

A Glimpse At Just Two Of Our Offerings:

Advanced Topics in Post-AP Spanish

As a post-AP offering, this full-year course will build upon the knowledge and understanding of the history and culture of the Spanish-speaking world begun early in the Spanish curriculum, where the focus on comparison of the experience of others to our own fosters empathy and better prepares our boys for the challenges of our multicultural world. Students will complete an in-depth study of an individual Spanish-speaking country (one per student), covering history and culture and including current issues and events. Representative literary works will reflect the major historical, cultural and social movements of the countries under study and will include poems and short stories as well as essays, documentary films, and podcasts. In addition, through visual art, literature, and short films the class will explore topics such as: The other; The immigrant, the exiled and the displaced; The dreamer and the fool; and Men and women in the 21st Century while providing opportunities to enhance written communication through autobiography, letters, reviews, essays and creative writing.


China's remarkable development in recent years has made an impact on the world. To better prepare our students for the future of globalization, Salisbury School introduced a Program of Distinction in Mandarin language and culture in 2007. The program is designed to help motivated beginning and intermediate Mandarin language learners to develop proficiency in reading, writing and speaking. Students start with fundamental pronunciation and writing skills, and lessons are based on real-life situations to further enhance their language immersion experience. Additionally, students are exposed to various Chinese customs and cultures to broaden their perspective. 







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The academic life at Salisbury is motivating. The teachers, coaches, and mentors at Salisbury are exceptional. They bring passion and expertise into their intimate classroom settings. Collaboration, innovation, problem solving, creativity, and civic responsibility are just some of the principles that guide Salisbury School’s educational model. Most importantly, these men and women partner with you each day and always with the highest expectations.

Sarah Mulrooney
Dean of Academic Life 
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