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Rudd Learning Center

The confidence and independence my son garnered from his experience in the                               Rudd Learning Center has transformed his educational experience. His growth                     into a diligent and accountable student has enabled him to enjoy his classes                         and will poise him for success in college.current parent


The Rudd learning Center 

The idea of supporting boys and individual learning profiles was hatched by Josephine Bauman Rudd more than 75 years ago.  As faculty member, Mrs. Rudd initially sought to help boys with reading comprehension. Through her work, she became one of the true pioneers in the field of academic support.  The Rudd Center has evolved into a program that can support all learners through their journey at Salisbury School.

Over the years, the program has grown to become one of the leading learning centers in New England.

Our Program and Mission

The overarching goal of the Rudd Center is to help students become more confident, independent learners, who learn individualized tools and strategies to achieve academic success at Salisbury School and beyond.

We offer support for a wide range of learning profiles and have specialists who are trained to help students with a range of learning differences including:

  • Executive function weaknesses
  • Language-based learning differences (reading, writing, verbal expression)
  • Dyscalculia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Dyslexia
  • Processing speed
  • Working memory
  • Math weaknesses or gaps


Our Practice

Students receive prescriptive one-on-one instruction from a professionally trained learning specialist. Sessions are scheduled during the academic day and tailored to meet each student’s individual learning needs. Support plans are designed to maximize student potential with the ultimate goal of decreasing support over time to foster independent learning skills.

Our People

The Rudd Center is staffed by 17 trained learning specialists who offer a variety of instruction tailored to meet each student’s learning needs. Areas of specialization amongst our learning specialist include reading specialists trained in the Wilson Reading and Orton-Gillingham methods of instruction, math specialists, and experts in executive function skills.

Each member of the learning center team is required to pursue advanced study and professional development throughout the school year and during the summer months to ensure they are current on support techniques and to keep up with industry standards.

One of the most valuable aspects of learning center support is the relationships built amongst the learning specialists and their students. Each student learns quickly that their learning specialist is not simply another adult instructing them what to do and how to do it, rather it is someone whose main job is to help uncover how they learn in order to explicitly teach them how to be the best possible student they can be. The boys not only learn tools to help them work smarter, but they realize that the support is a privilege rather than a crutch. Over time, they start to develop the skills modeled by their tutors and learn to navigate their academics more independently. This alone fosters confidence in students in a way that is lasting and effective. Many boys remain with the same learning specialist during their entire Salisbury experience, and it is often the most valuable relationship they have with adults on campus.

For further information, please contact Director of the Rudd Learning Center  Kati Brandon at kbrandon@salisburyschool.org or 860-435-5766.

students with computer
teacher and student


Students are enrolled in the Rudd Center based on:

  • Learning profile (including current psycho-educational or neuropsychological evaluations, 504 plans and IEPs)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Previous teacher recommendations

The director of the Rudd Learning Center, the admissions team, and the director of studies review student files to determine which students would benefit from learning center support for part or all of their Salisbury experience.

On average, the Rudd Learning Center services over 30% of the student body.


Salisbury School offers academic accommodations to students who qualify through their psychological-educational or neuropsychological evaluations, 504 plans and IEPs.

Classroom and testing accommodations offered by Salisbury include:

  • Extended time up to 100%
  • Calculator
  • Computer
  • Audiobooks
  • Foreign Language Waiver
  • Assistive Technology