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Phinny Library

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A visit to our
Library Resources
page will provide 24/7 access to all of Salisbury's print and digital resources from anywhere on campus.



the hub of learning
on the hilltop

The Phinny Library is a comfortable place where boys can study individually or in small groups. Our library contains nearly 25,000 volumes including 120 magazine, newspaper, and periodical subscriptions. The library's entire collection is catalogued and available on-line.

Students and faculty members can also access information through a number of databases to which the library subscribes.  A member of the library staff is always available to assist boys in using its vast resources.There are also ports throughout the library where students are able to access the School's network with their own computers. Wireless service is also available throughout the Centennial Building. Faculty members make it a point to give students assignments that are designed to ensure students have a firm understanding of how to research properly and how to use a variety of hard-copy and on-line resources available in our collection.

The library staff includes a full-time librarian and a number of part-time assistants. The library is open throughout the academic day as well as during study hours and on Sunday afternoon.

There is always someone available to assist students in use of the library collection as well as providing guidance in research techniques for course assignments.