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Programs of Distinction

OneLove Foundation Event: A Media Lab Production

media lab

Each trimester students can choose a videography, digital photography or graphic design course.  In addition to these formal offerings, our Media Lab students join forces with fellow students for cross-curricular projects that combine learning experiences from a variety of classes and activities such as music and mountain biking!

Students explore the esthetics and mechanics of contemporary digital photography including use of a camera as well as their phones and their various applications. 

Students are introduced to the DSLR camera and the many modes of shooting film as well as becoming fluent in Adobe Photoshop, learning how to catalog, archive and print their work for exhibition.

Students learn the latest technologies and processes of digital video production including field and studio camera operation, sound, lighting, project planning and more! Our Graphic Design course provides students the opportunity to learn and apply techniques and theories that communicate a visual message.  Students develop competency in computer illustration, layout, color, editing, typography and printing.

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Tiny House Construction

Building a Tiny House wall.
Building the Tiny House frame on a trailer.
Framing the Tiny House walls.
Group of student builders posing in frame of Tiny House.
Students and teacher lounging in Tiny House frame.
Tiny House students using a level.
Tiny House exterior sheathing in process.

the tiny house experience

Tiny house living is all the rage, but what about the actual product behind the concept?  Salisbury students immerse themselves in the design of our tiny house from the basic floor plan to the study of the energy efficient materials used in the construction process; every base is covered .  Once the plans are set via the use of computer-aided design the focus shifts to the construction phase. 

Students learn through teamwork, identifying problems and finding solutions.  Coursework includes budgets, timelines, the study of the environmental impact the build and its various products will have in addition to the construction which will span a two-year period. Students are encouraged to seek outside help as needed to address technical challenges and to carry our experiments as they go. Salisbury boys gain hands-on experience with a real life project in a wide array of learning opportunities.t

Self Starters On The Hilltop

Students outside of Google headquarters in NYC.
Salisbury Suppliers moving office chair across Quad.
Student calendar image of chapel exterior.
Students at Google headquarters in NYC using tech equipment.
Student designed water bottle sticker graphic of cupola.
Banners designed and sold by students of a knight and the School crest.

entrepreneurial studies

The Economics Department benefits from a multi-disciplinary approach to the discipline, as well as a commitment to the depth of experiential learning that comes from applying economic theory. Students, typically in the upper forms, may choose to pursue a program oriented around the capital markets by studying economics and personal finance, or may apply to participate in the Entrepreneurial Studies Program, a three-course program oriented around the theory and practice of building an organization around a novel concept.   Embedded in this program is a college-level economics course designed to better prepare students for further study of the discipline.  Student experience in the department centers on our belief that boys best learn by doing. The theories of personal finance are cemented through an annual mock portfolio competition and an active investment club on campus overseen by the Economics faculty. The theories of supply and demand find real meaning in the student demand schedules created by the Student Agencies operating on campus (see the Entrepreneurial Studies Overview). Every student in Entrepreneurial Studies creates, develops, and defends to the school administration, a real business plan, seeking approval and seed funding from the School. Many go on to put their plans into action as Independent Study projects in their sixth form year.