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Media Lab



a place to create:
media lab

Introduced to the Hilltop in 2015, the Willliam E. Buehner Media Lab, given generously by David Leavy '88 and the Class of 1988, hit the ground running at its opening and hasn't stopped since.

Each trimester students can choose a videography, digital photography or graphic design course

In addition to these formal offerings, our Media Lab students join forces with fellow students for cross-curricular projects that combine learning experiences from a variety of classes and activities such as music and mountain biking!

Students explore the esthetics and mechanics of contemporary digital photography including use of a camera as well as their phones and their various applications. They are introduced to the DSLR camera and the many modes of shooting film as well as becoming fluent in Adobe Photoshop, learning how to catalog, archive and print their work for exhibition.

Participants learn the latest technologies and processes of digital video production including field and studio camera operation, sound, lighting, project planning and more! Our Graphic Design course provides students the opportunity to learn and apply techniques and theories that communicate a visual message.  Students develop competency in computer illustration, layout, color, editing, typography and printing.

In addition, the space also accommodates a photo and video studio equipped with a green screen and professional lights, as well as pro audio microphones, all of which provide our students with the best tools available to gain the most up-to-date skills in the digital media arena.

Student Film Work:

Blue Bossa

OneLove Walk

The William E. Buehner Digital Media Lab is equipped with the following:
  • 4 Sony 4K  digital video cameras
  • 1 DJI Phantom 4 drone
  • 6 Canon DSLRs
  • 10 Mac workstations with dual monitors each loaded with the latest version of the entire Adobe Suite
  • Photo/video studio equipped with green screen and six professional lights, as well as pro audio microphones 

Student Graphics

Anchor tattoo, student graphic.
Poster of cat graphics designed by student.
Self portrait student graphic.
Student graphic of landscape.
Student graphic of classmates.