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Designed as an introduction to hand and power tools through the construction of a piece of furniture (usually a table), our Woodshop program makes use of traditional and contemporary wood joinery techniques. Safe use of equipment, craftsmanship, design, and structural problem solving are key elements of our program, along with an appreciation of "low tech" tools such as hand planes and scrapers.


Woodshop: teacher working on table.
Woodshop: close-up of wooden box project.
Woodshop: student using table saw.
Woodshop: close-up of student working on wooden box project.
Woodshop: student working on plans over a laptop.

Additionally, students learn to accurately mark out project pieces and set up machines for cutting; dress rough lumber in preparation for finish cutting; construct edge or butt joining, biscuit joint, dado, rabbet, mortise and tenon; and one of the various methods of applying a finish to the final piece of furniture.