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Admissions Process

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In promoting the unique benefits and special experiences of a boys’ school education, the ideal is to find the right match for your son and the School.peter gilbert, assistant head of school
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At Salisbury we do everything right for boys! We celebrate what it means to be a boy and have designed a school where boys succeed and tradition matters. 

Because we are experts in educating boys, we care about enrolling young men who will truly benefit from and grow in our well-balanced college-preparatory curriculum.  Moreover, we look for boys who have a foundation or potential for success academically, athletically, artistically, socially and as leaders.

Admissions at Salisbury School has never been more vibrant, diverse or successful. Salisbury remains committed and true to our mission.  Enrollment is enhanced by our firm commitment to character, citizenship, diversity, academic potential and school-wide participation.   

Why Salisbury?

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The Salisbury faculty know and understand young men, and celebrate what it means to be a boy.  As a school designed for boys, our emphasis on relational learning enables Salisbury faculty to build authentic relationships with each student.  When a student feels known and valued, he is empowered to persevere through challenges and stay actively engaged.  Our distinctive course offerings are carefully crafted to prepare students for the rigors of college and to think independently.  The all-boys classroom nurtures the confidence to take risks and inspires growth. Numerous resources are available to guide students while accomplishing his goals and reaching his full potential.  

In the classroom and on the field, Salisbury transforms a young man's character to graduate confident, spirited, curious, and loyal gentlemen and brothers.



  • February 1: Applications and Financial Aid Applications are due
  • March 10: Admissions and Financial Aid notification date for completed applications
  • April 10: Notify the Admissions Team of your final decision


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5 Steps to Enroll: