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Tuition & Fees

An investment that's worth it!  We are proud to be a prestigious Connecticut boarding school offering financial aid to many of its students. Even if you don’t qualify for assistance, however, there are several reasons to consider a Salisbury education for your son. Our students enjoy a comprehensive, modern education in a supportive environment, and our graduates are better positioned to apply to top-tier colleges.

As a parent, you want to give your child every advantage possible. Browse our website to learn more about the value of a Salisbury education, and discover why we’re a worthy choice in Connecticut all-boys boarding schools, with financial aid or without.

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Affording salisbury school


Salisbury School recognizes that access and affordability are two of the most important themes for the future of private school education-be it a secondary school or a college. With Salisbury’s mission in mind, we recognize the great value of providing need-based financial aid that includes awards ranging from $1,000 to full tuition support to 37% of our students.



Financial need varies, of course, based on one’s income and assets. As a simple principle, every family makes a financial sacrifice, commitment and investment when their son attends Salisbury School.

Please do not hesitate to apply to Salisbury because of the tuition cost. While there are more applicants for aid than we can support, even with our generous budget, it would be a mistake to opt out of the admissions process based on an assumption that our education is not affordable. We look forward to partnering with you in the admissions process.

2024-2025 Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees                                     
Tuition $72,900 $49,950
General Fee 750.00 600.00
Technology Fee 550.00 350.00
Textbook Deposit 350.00 350.00
*Tuition Refund Plan       1,632.40*                  1,119.80*
  $76,182.40 $52,369.80

Boarding $72,900

Day $49,950

Financial Aid Award $38,500

The General Fee funds costs associated with the Health Center, laboratories, studios, activities, and publications. The Technology Fee provides each student with internet and network access, an e-mail account and use of all on-campus technology services. The Textbook Deposit covers the average cost each family incurs for textbooks and other course materials during the school year. Amounts over/under the deposit amount will be adjusted through the student’s Sarum Card account balance. Fees for tutoring in the Learning Center are an additional charge and will be billed separately.

The payments outlined above are in addition to the $1,000 Escrow Deposit that is paid upon the acceptance of admission. This deposit is held by the school and will be refunded net of final charges, if any, upon graduation or separation.
Incidental Charges: All incidental charges including athletic equipment, transportation, and testing fees (PSAT, SAT, etc.) will be processed through the prepaid debit card system, called the “Sarum Card”. Students will not be allowed to make purchases on their account unless a credit balance is maintained.

* The Tuition Refund Plan will be required for any student whose full-year tuition and fee (including any outstanding balance from previous charges) have not been paid by July 1, 2024. This includes any Payment Plan participants. The charge for this plan is 2.2% of the net tuition and fees.



director of financial aid

Please contact Tom Spinella with questions at 860-435-5819.