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The Sixth Form Gift

In honor of their sons and the Class of 2023, the parents of the Sixth Form are directing their collective philanthropy to fund an important portion of the renovation and restoration of the Chapel, naming the Lower Terrace and Pergola in honor of the Class of 2023.


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Chapel is understood by the students as one of the few places where they are not graded, judged, or measured for what they can and cannot do. When we come together in silence or in prayer for members of the community, when we sing or even share one another's stories, this sense of authentic community not only builds upon the student's experience, it gives them a sense of 'at homeness' which is the measure of the adolescent boy's spiritual journey. reverend dr. kirk hall '90 

In honor of their sons and the Class of 2023, the parents of the Sixth Form are directing their collective philanthropy to fund an important portion of the renovation and restoration of the Chapel, Salisbury’s top capital fundraising priority. Since our founding in 1901, the Chapel has been a place of growth, introspection, and character building as the heart and soul of our lives on the Hilltop. Our most sacred core values emanate from the Chapel. As such, it is THE quintessential classroom on campus. Listening to different voices of Sixth Form students, faculty members and guest speakers, we learn and emphasize leadership, empathy, humility, the importance of service, and an appreciation of our place and importance in the Salisbury community and in the world at large.

Built in the early 1960s for a school community of approximately 200 students and faculty, our current enrollment of 310 boys and faculty of 75 has created an urgent need to expand and improve the current structure. The original goal in this transformational project was do a modest restoration of the space. Ambitiously, the vision grew to build a space that will last another 60 years that will serve generations of Salisbury boys as a central place for spiritual growth and religious traditions. With the addition of a narthex, a south entrance, a balcony, a common area, new windows, dormers, classrooms, offices, and a lower terrace with a pergola, this will truly be a signature building that fits with the other noteworthy architecture on the Hilltop.

Tradition matters at Salisbury School. For every boy who has ever given a chapel talk or has needed a quiet, reflective space, to the profound moments when the community needs a sacred space to come together, the Chapel Renovation stands as an opportunity to preserve a connection to our legacy and the generations to come.

With the generosity of our parents, Salisbury plans to raise $750,000 for the renovation, naming the Lower Terrace and Pergola in honor of the Class of 2023. We hope you will join your fellow parents in participating in this impactful gift that is deeply rooted in Salisbury tradition.

Sixth Form Gift Committee
Gaillee and Neil Fitzpatrick P'23
Amy and Glen Kacher P'23
Aza and Timothy Bowlin P’23
Liz Fernández and Alex Canals P’23
Dianne Dobbeck and David Christensen P’23
Tracy and Kevin Growney P’23, P’25
Victoria and Jonathan Hanes ’92 P’23, P’25
Narifah Bacchus and Neal Khoorchand P’23
Cindy and Steven Jing P’20, P’23
Gail and Kevin Nemsick P’21, P’23
Austyn Zung and Filipe Pereira P’23
Pom and David Shillingford P’23
Sarah and Charles Vorbach P’23
Tamra and Jeffery Wilt P’23
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History of the Sixth Form Gift

In the fall of 1991, Salisbury parents began a tradition whereby parents of the Sixth Form banded together to collectively honor their sons and to express gratitude to the School for its role in their sons’ development.

Since then, Salisbury families have contributed more than $17M to create permanently endowed funds and new academic, athletic, and residential facilities. Endowed funds that support teaching fellowships, financial aid, and professional development have transformed the experience for students and teachers. In addition, new faculty homes, athletic playing fields, and our technology and communications network were all gifts from graduating classes. Most recently, key spaces in the restoration of Spencer Hall, the new sidewalks in the Main Academic Quadrangle, the renovation of Belin Lodge and Langdon Chapel have all been funded by grateful and generous parents of the Sixth Form.

For More Information
Peter Gilbert P'18, '20
Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement
Mimi Babcock
Director of Parent Programs