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Clubs, Activities & Just Plain Fun

Being involved in, or creating a club is a great way for a Salisbury Knight to share or find an interest or passion. While we offer a nice menu to choose from, students are always encouraged to introduce something new! See the slideshow below to view our current clubs, organizations and leadership opportunities.

Clubs, Organizations and Leadership Opportunities



Prefects are a Salisbury tradition.These sixth formers assist dormitory faculty in leading the supervision of the dorms and day students.  Prefects are selected for their leadership ability and serve as role models to the students within the dorm and around campus. 

Image of boys playing cards for Big Brothers program
Big Brothers


Salisbury hosts a Big Brothers program which pairs together little brothers from Salisbury Central School (grades 3-5) with Salisbury boys. On many Friday evenings the little brothers join our boys for dinner in the Dining Hall and then head down to the Flood Athletic Center for a variety of activities ranging from soccer and basketball to games like chess, uno, cards, and legos. Our boys are excited to participate in a program in which they mentor and foster a relationship with a young boy who shares like interests. 

Student Government
Student Government


At Salisbury, we work hard to instill in our students a sense of leadership that is authentic to each boy. The leadership offerings are endless, ranging from Prefects, Peer Leaders, sports captains, Club advisory, and Student Government. 

Debate Club
Debate Club


The goal of the Debate Club is to empower our boys with the skills of expressing their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs on current world topics clearly and concisely through public speaking and meaningful communication in a structured setting.

Sarum Games
Sarum Games


Sarum Games are a fun component to our residential program, incorporating a lighter side of brotherhood in our Dorm Competitions. The events include intellectual challenges, citizenship recognition and athletic contests.  Evening dodgeball games and pumpkin pie eating contests are among the most popular and competitive!  

Vestry Club
The Vestry


In addition to attending Chapel, students have the opportunity to participate in the Chapel program by joining the Vestry. This student group oversees Chapel services and assists in various ways as leaders, readers, presenters, acolytes, and ushers. It is always a fun group of boys who appreciate and support the role of Chapel in the life of Salisbury School. 

Community Service Program
Community Service


Our Community Service Program encourages our boys to give of themselves for the betterment of our greater community. Our program is an advisor-based program which reinforces the advisor-advisee relationship beyond the campus, while nurturing individual growth and leadership skills. Through these experiences, we make an impact in our local community and learn what it means to be a member of a larger community.   

Culinary Club
Culinary Club


The Culinary Club regularly meets to gain cooking skills, be creative, experiment, socialize, have fun, and reap the benefits of enjoying the foods that are made from scratch.

Theater Club


Our Dramatic Society is one of the most vibrant and inclusive organizations on the Hilltop, drawing participants from all four forms, all athletic teams, the faculty, faculty families and – for female roles – other schools in the region. The Dramatic Society mounts two productions each year – one in the fall trimester, the other in the winter trimester. 

A Look Inside Just Two Of Our Clubs


The robotics program at Salisbury offers students the opportunity to design, build, and program robots for contending in nationwide competitions.  Offered in place of a sport during the fall and winter trimester, students work together as a team at the robotics lab in the Wachtmeister-Bates Math and Science Building.  In 2019, the school invested in a 144 square foot arena from Vex Robotics.  The VEX Robotics Design System offers students an exciting platform for learning about areas rich with career opportunities spanning science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). 

For more information contact Instructor in Mathematics Scot Beattie and Instructor in Science Kurt Colling.


Math Team

The goal of the math team at Salisbury is to improve students' problem solving abilities while having fun!  Everybody is welcome and encouraged to join.  The math team competes in several international competitions throughout the year.  In February, dozens of students take the American Mathematics Competition (AMC), held on our campus.  We are proud to support a small group of students who then qualify for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME), among the top mathematics students in the country.  

Also in February, eight students selected from the math team represent Salisbury at the Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament (HMMT) in Cambridge, MA.  HMMT is one of the largest and most prestigious high school competitions in the world. Each tournament draws close to 1000 students from around the globe, including top scorers at national and international olympiads.  This school sponsored trip is an amazing opportunity for our students to experience the Harvard and MIT campuses while competing against some of the best student mathematicians internationally.

Additionally, the Salisbury math team fosters engagement with other local boarding schools' math teams while attending events such as the Hotchkiss Math Bash. For more information contact Instructor in Mathematics Scot Beattie.





Culinary Club


Try Something New, Get Involved and Have Fun!

Being involved in, or creating a club is a great way for a Salisbury boy to share or find an interest or passion. While we offer a nice menu to choose from, students are always encouraged to introduce a new club!