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Your Day

For most of you, attending Salisbury is your first experience of being away from home and the first time you must be responsible for so many aspects of your own life. Boarding is not always easy, but adjustments are often stress-free because of our close-knit community of peers and adults who have respect for and care about one other.

Your roommate may be from California, you may have a classmate from Germany and someone in your advisee group may be a day student from Lakeville.  The Sarum brotherhood spans the globe:  introducing you to many new cultures, traditions and beliefs, as well as differing ideas.



Salisbury Students are expected to be neat and clean in their appearance and to wear specified attire at all functions and meetings. Students wear school-dress during class, sit-down meal times and Chapel.

Learn more about the specifics of our dress code on the Hilltop here.





Boys making smore's at the lake at night by the fire.


At Salisbury, fun is part of our daily life! 

Students and faculty alike enjoy dressing up for our theme days, playing name-that-tune at lunch, participating in goofy relay races during our all school meetings, and competing in our Dorm Competitions.

Regular programming is built into our daily and evening schedules to help mentor our boys on the topics of global awareness, decision making, healthy relationships, health and nutrition and others. The Residential program also incorporates a lighter side of brotherhood in our contentious Dorm Competitions.  The events include intellectual challenges, citizenship recognition and athletic contests.  Evening dodgeball games and pumpkin pie eating contests are among the most popular and competitive!

Weekdays; what makes salisbury unique?

Within our weekly schedule, time is dedicated to academics, athletics, chapel, Saturday classes, sit-down meals, school meetings and other valued traditions that define Salisbury.

A unique aspect of the School's weekly schedule is the multiple use "X" Block. During this period, you may find students engaged in a variety of activities including Leadership Initiative seminars, extracurricular club meetings, class review sessions or advisor meetings.

"Every picture tells a story" Check out life on the Hilltop @SarumKnight 




weekends at salisbury

Salisbury’s student activities director organizes a variety of events each weekend that may include: dances at area girls' schools, movie trips, ski and snowboard excursions, live arts performances, laser tag and paintball trips, shopping, amusement park visits and so much more! 

In addition, we offer weekly Sunday shuttles to nearby Canaan, CT, for access to grocery store and drug stores. You may also take advantage of your downtime by hanging out in Belin Lodge, our student center.  In Belin, you will find a fully-stocked snack bar, ping-pong and pool tables, and large screen TVs. Relax, meet friends and have fun!

"Every picture tells a story" Check out life on the Hilltop @SarumKnight