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Day Students

Life as a day student 

As a day student, you will keep the same schedule of daily appointments and commitments as boarding students.  In addition, a faculty member is assigned to work with you much like that of a dorm parent residing within a dorm.

Day students are expected to arrive at the School by 8:00 a.m. and stay until they have met their last commitment (or no later than dormitory check-in). Day Students’ Rooms are located on the ground floor of North Dormitory, adjacent to the visitor’s parking circle. One room is set aside for quiet study; it is furnished with study carrels, comfortable chairs, and data ports. The other room is outfitted with lockers, couches, and chairs, a data port, and a telephone; this room is used as a lounge/common room. Each day student is assigned a locker, a school-supplied combination lock, and a key to the day students’ rooms. (Like every other student at Salisbury, you are also assigned a locker in the gymnasium, where you are expected to keep all of your athletic equipment.)
Motor Vehicles

Day students wishing to drive to and from school each day must complete a form available in the Deans' Office.