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Our Mental Health Team

The health and wellness of our students is a top priority for all Salisbury faculty and staff.  In addition to our Health Center staff, Salisbury works with experts in the field of mental health and strives to ensure the mental well-being of each and every boy.  We are pleased to work with the following experts in this field:

Dr. Randall Dwenger has been Salisbury School's consulting psychiatrist since 2007. With over 30 years experience in adolescent psychiatry, Dr. Dwenger provides psychiatric evaluations, medication management and individual psychotherapy to students at Salisbury School. Dr. Dwenger has an office on campus and appointments are coordinated around students' schedules. Referrals can be initiated by students, parents or faculty by contacting the Director of Health Services.

Ruth Trudeau, LMFT, LADC, is Salisbury School's counseling consultant. Mrs. Trudeau has been working with Salisbury School students since 2004 and provides individual counseling to students in her on-campus office. Mrs. Trudeau is able to schedule appointments around students' schedules. Counseling can be initiated for acute situations (homesickness, conflict resolution) or may be ongoing (anxiety, depression, coping strategies). Referrals can be initiated by students, parents or faculty by contacting the Director of Health Services. 

Sarah Stapleton-Rees, LCSW joined Salisbury School in 2019 and brings a wide breadth of experience to Salisbury School's Student Health and Wellness program. The program provides health education/promotion initiatives to support the overall well-being of students.