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Integrity and Belonging at Salisbury School

Mission Of The Office Of Integrity And Belonging:
Guided by Esse Quam Videri, The Office of Integrity and Belonging works to empower every member of the community of all identities to live into their authentic selves and in so doing create a community where everyone experiences true belonging. Through this transformation, Salisbury graduates are equipped to foster integrity and belonging in the world they will enter and with the people they will encounter.


Bicycle referencing diversity education and moving forward



The work of this office promotes the development of integrity on an individual and collective level; of acting with integrity – honor, courage, and truth – and of moving towards integration – being whole, united, and one. It works to move us not just to feel included, but to know that you, and all people, belong. 

This is no easy task. It requires a courageous exploration of the self and of others, of systems and circumstances, to understand what can get in the way of living with integrity and experiencing belonging as an individual, as a community, and as a society. It acknowledges that limits to integrity and belonging, whether intentional or not, result in fractures at each of those levels. To avoid or heal that division, this work is not about teaching what to think, but rather listening to understand.

As with all areas of life at Salisbury, the Office of Integrity and Belonging will first and foremost center the students: affirm and uplift who they are, honor the diversity of identity and of thought, and promote the Brotherhood. The work of this office also overlaps with the work of every other office and department at school so that no matter who you are or where you are, there is a commitment to building and practicing the skills and values that lead to the ideal of Esse Quam Videri.

mirrors and windows

A window and mirror serve as an example of work in regard to DEI

Conceptualized by Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop, the metaphor of mirrors and windows encourages us to learn and explore stories and identities that in which we can see our own experience reflected back to us, as well as stories and identities that provide a look into experiences that are unlike our own. Mirrors and windows help us to become more integrated and build an experience of belonging. This happens in the classroom with books or resources that students engage with, it happens in our faculty book club, it always happens in Chapel talks, but it happens most powerfully in the relationships we build.


boys with backpacks arm in arm

Brotherhood is at the core of our community and is what bonds us together. While the “brotherhood” refers to those who share the Salisbury experience, by explicitly and implicitly teaching our core values of empathy, humility and respect, Salisbury students come to learn that, in fact, everyone is their brother. Once we understand this vital reality, we are driven to make a positive impact on the communities in which we live – both on the Hilltop and beyond. 



Meet Our Salisbury Gentlemen:

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Salisbury Gentleman Sadiq Olanrewaju '13

“While you’re working hard on the Hilltop, make sure you also take time to think of what you want to do in the next 5 to 10 years, and lean on your mentors at Salisbury to guide your thinking, as there is a wealth of knowledge across our staff and faculty.”
-Sadiq Olanrewaju '13

Salisbury Gentlewoman Patti Stevens

“This job was meant to be for me,” she said. When I asked what she enjoyed most about her job, she replied enthusiastically, “Teamwork. Working with the team, as a team.”
- Patti Stevens 

Salisbury Gentleman Jéan-Marc Togodgue '22

What began as a simple thank you gift caused quite a stir in the art world and raised many legal questions. But this story ended in much the same manner as it began; with a simple thank you. Read more about the unique experiences of a promising young man who exemplifies the values of a Salisbury Gentleman.

Salisbury Gentleman A.J. Oster '99

"The feeling of believing in yourself is, in my opinion, the singular goal that all Sarum boys should strive to attain for themselves. Not money, not better grades. Each teacher's job is to find each student’s heart and teach them how to hold themselves with care, with honor, and with humility." -
A.J. Oster '99 

Salisbury Gentleman Sebastian Port '22

"The boys here have taught me to be confident in what I do, and to keep pushing myself to create something new." 
- Sebastian Port '22 

“A Salisbury Gentleman is an authentic, open-minded individual who puts the needs of others before his own and who is responsible and accountable for his words and actions. He is courageous in his endeavors, and when he stumbles, he seeks to grow through adversity. Embodying humility in triumph and grace in defeat, he upholds an honest appreciation
for his opportunities and his community by aspiring to fulfill his duties in a
manner of which he can be proud.

as defined by the students during the 2015-2016 year