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From the Archives

In 1973, a Salisbury School student (currently unidentified; perhaps he will step forward) prepared a “View Book” for the retiring Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Dartford. “Gerry” Dartford came to Salisbury in 1957 after a lengthy career in the British colonial education service and a variety of institutions. During World War II, he was interned by the Japanese after the fall of Malaya and Singapore. Dartford was a scholar and a teacher and prepared a well-received history of the French Revolution.

The photographs presented here are from a time of great change and ferment at Salisbury. Hair was long and growing longer. Lacrosse had just been introduced as a varsity sport. Discussions with Westover School about a possible merger were underway. Each year, Salisbury hosted a co-ed “Arts Weekend” that included workshops in pottery, art, sculpture, welding, music, drama, and the like. There were theatrical presentations and poetry readings, capped off by a dance. Look carefully and take a step back in time.

Dr. Geoffrey Rossano, Salisbury School Historian and Archivist