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The Salisbury Advantage

Teaching Boys

“Doing everything right for boys” means our faculty are actively seeking ways to support students in their academics. While teaching content and skills remain at the heart of all we do, understanding that boys learn best when they feel connected to the material determines the ways in which information is communicated. Our faculty works tirelessly to show how things are relevant and why they matter.  Motivating students through active engagement, our classrooms are alight with vibrant and lively discussions.  We have cultivated a classroom culture of interaction that heightens focus and attention.  In addition, a feeling of support is pervasive throughout our academic programs.  Boys are at their best when they know that teachers are invested in their success. With our faculty’s commitment to these common goals, help is offered in class and beyond. In taking a glimpse into our classrooms, the subjects vary, but the goal of supporting our boys in their academic achievement remains central to the Salisbury experience. Whether it’s a themed study of migration, extra help in the math café or competing  for valuable class contribution points in English class, our faculty is committed to bringing out the best in boys.