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Our Story

Historical image of campus

“We are a school that values loyalty and honor. We are a small school that strives to develop your mind, body and spirit. ”Chisholm S. Chandler, headmaster


A Few Words From Our Headmaster

Salisbury School has entered its second century of educating boys. The School’s founder and first headmaster, The Reverend George Emerson Quaile, began with a fundamental mission and philosophy, and we celebrate and hold true to these ideals more than 100 years later.

We are a school that values loyalty and honor. We are a small school that strives to develop your mind, body and spirit. Finally, we are a school founded in the tradition of the Episcopal Church and seek to instill in you a moral compass that will guide you during your college years and in the world thereafter.

You will be challenged each day by your teachers, your coaches and your advisor. You won't get lost or fall through the cracks at Salisbury. We view ourselves as a community of learners who care for and support each other in all endeavors. As a graduate, you will look back on your experience at Salisbury as much more than just an important chapter of your education or a stepping stone to the college of your choice. You'll realize that you have been and continue to be part of a family that will always be a cherished piece of your life.

Salisbury school-
Where Tradition Matters

Salisbury is a dynamic, modern boarding school in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut. We take pride in the history that makes us so unique, and celebrate it with a number of traditions that have been passed down over the years.
Discover for yourself the unique traditions that make us a leading boarding school in Connecticut’s Northwest Corner by scheduling a campus tour today.

We embrace the founding rector’s belief that a boy’s secondary school has the responsibility for addressing every aspect of development. Listed below are some of Salisbury’s traditions that continue to be such an important part of your overall school experience.

School crest logo
School Crest


The Salisbury crest is colored red for bravery and gold for generosity. The four crosses above and below the crest symbolize faith in God through Christ. The shell is a symbol of spiritual journey or pilgrimage. The heart symbolizes charity and the arrows preparedness. The open book is for learning and the acorn and its brand for maturity.

Three boys in school dress
School Dress

Students wear a jacket and tie to class, sit-down meals, Chapel and special school events. 

All-School Meeting
All-School Meeting

We gather twice a week in the Quad for announcements from faculty members and students on what lies ahead. 

Red Light in the Cupola
Red Light In The Cupola

After a varsity team wins, the red light in the Main Building’s cupola is lit to alert the rest of the community to the team’s victory.

Sit-down meal
Sit-Down Meals


Meals are an important part of life in any boarding school. Twice a week, you will eat family style with your advisor and fellow students. This promotes a deeper sense of community and allows you the chance to get to know boys from older or younger classes than your own.

Chapel sunrise

We welcome students and faculty of all faiths, but maintain our historic ties to the Episcopal Church, gathering every Tuesday and Friday morning in the Chapel for reflection or to hear a message. These services embrace all faiths.

Image of Crimson Knight mascot
Crimson Knight


In the spring of 1995, the Sixth Form adopted the Crimson Knight as the School's mascot. It symbolized the history, character and devotion of the Knights represented in The Sarum Hymn. 

Lessons and Carols (boy with Reverend Hall)
Service of Nine Lessons and Carols

Prior to our break for the winter holidays, the entire school community gathers in the Chapel for the traditional Hanging of the Greens followed a week later by the service of Lessons and Carols, sung by our joint student-faculty choir.

Mission Of
Salisbury School

Salisbury School was founded to instill a vibrant enthusiasm for learning and the self-confidence needed for intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual development. Though we are a non-denominational school open to boys of all belief systems, spiritual exploration is one of our core traditions.

Built on essential core values, the School's unique culture promotes brotherhood, creativity, empathy, humility, integrity, leadership and respect.  Salisbury graduates are men of character and promise who are prepared to meet the challenges of college and adulthood and to make a difference in an entrepreneurial, technological and cosmopolitan world.

For more information about our beliefs, traditions, history and approach to education, keep browsing our website. We encourage interested parents to contact our admissions team directly and schedule a campus tour. There, you’ll see our facilities in person and learn directly from current students what makes us an innovator among the top college prep schools in Connecticut.

Board of Trustees

Matthew W. Barzun P'21, '24
Eric Bommer P'23
Lisa Callahan P'04, '08, '09
Matt Cassin '94
Chisholm S. Chandler ’11 (Hon.), P'17
John Couzens Jr. '06 
Michael Gans '81, P’17
James W. Gerard ’79
Peter Gross ’01*
Kenneth J. Hanau P’20
Adelaide Harris P'07 
G. Anne Harris
Patricia Isen P’14
Gregory Johnson P'21
Peter Keehn P'15
Chinam Kry '92
John Lambros P'22
Campbell Langdon ’79
David Leavy ’88
Dana Macy P’14
Christopher Merrill P'22
Richard E. Riegel III ’84
Whitney R. Robinson '01
J. Wood Rutter '98 (Hon.)
Katherine Shepherd P’20
W. Fritz  Souder P'18
James P. Townsend P’10
Marita K. Wong P'15 
Robert P. Zabel '85

Trustees Emeritus

John G. Brim ’64
Dr. Richard S. Childs Jr. ’63
Barron G. Collier II ’70
Nathaniel B. Day '56 
James Dresser '59
Richard D. Field ’59
Richard T. Flood '03 (Hon.) 
H. Crosby Foster II ’57
Sir Eddie Kulukundis, OBE ’50
Herbert A. May III ’83, P’12
J. Richard Munro P’88, ’90
Michael S. Sylvester ’59, P’85
Rev. Edwin M. Ward
Anthony C. Woodruff ’01 (Hon.) P’89