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Educating Boys - It's What We Do!


Registration days are just around the corner; please be sure to have completed all of your Forms in advance of your son's arrival on his designated Registration Day.  Registration Day schedules are available by clicking here and are also located in the Parent Portal on the Fall Registration tab.

New families will have received an email containing login credentials for our Parent Portal. From the Parent Portal you have access to Magnus Health, our medical records provider, Veracross, our student database and our Portal resources.

Magnus Health is where you will upload your son's health records, including his annual physical. Veracross will allow access to your son's schedule, when completed by our Academic Team, and his grades throughout the school-year. Additionally, you will use the "Fall Registration" Tab of the Parent Portal to begin filling out Salisbury's required forms such as athletic and pre-season sign-ups, transportation forms, if needed, and to upload your son's Student ID details.

Also, provided in the "Fall Registration" Tab are summer reading and AP Course assignments, textbook details, useful links to services for laundry, bedding rental, dress code requirements, technology information, and more. Please use the Important Contacts list to help you navigate our Fall Registration process.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Hilltop!

The Parent Portal can be accessed by clicking on the Portal Login button located in the top right corner of the homepage.

Take a closer look at our most recent student-centered programming here on the Hilltop.  

The Salisbury faculty know and understand young men, and celebrate what it means to be a boy.  As a school designed for boys, our emphasis on relational learning enables Salisbury faculty to build authentic relationships with each student.  When a student feels known and valued, he is empowered to persevere through challenges and stay actively engaged.  Our distinctive course offerings are carefully designed to prepare students for the rigors of college and to think independently.  The all-boys classroom nurtures the confidence to take risks and inspires growth. Numerous resources are available to guide students while accomplishing his goals and reaching his full potential.  

In the classroom and on the field, Salisbury transforms a young man's character to graduate confident, spirited, curious, and loyal gentlemen and brothers.

Student spotlight: JACK HANAU '20 

What have you learned in your time on the Hilltop that’s been most useful to you and has had the most impact on your life thus far?

I have learned a lot since coming to Salisbury, but would say the most important thing I have learned since coming here as a freshman is being able to balance my time well in terms of my academics and my athletics. I struggled with time management before coming to 'Bury and have gotten significantly better at that skill. The most impactful thing I have learned from being at Salisbury is how blessed and lucky I am too attend such a great school and how I must take full advantage of the opportunity I currently have.

What’s your favorite place on campus? 

My favorite place on campus is in the dorm. Living with your Brothers is something not many high schoolers have the opportunity to experience. After a long day of studying and athletics, going back to the dorm and hanging out with your boys is something I have always appreciated about Salisbury.

What’s your favorite class, sport, and extracurricular activity on the Hilltop?

My favorite class at Salisbury has been different every year. This past year, I would say my favorite class was Chemistry with Mr. Colling. The material was interesting and fun to learn about. The students in the class made it an entertaining class each period. My two favorite sports are football and lacrosse. I enjoy both as much as the other, and I look forward to practice every day, and to get on the field and to compete. Finally, my favorite extracurricular activity on campus has to be the Culinary Club. The Culinary Club is filled with a bunch of great guys, great food and great times.