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Hilltop Happenings

2022 Sixth Form Awards Ceremony
Shana Stalker
2022 Awards Night Head of School and Students on steps receiving award

Given the challenges of the past two graduations, we were thrilled to see that so many families and friends made the journey to celebrate this extraordinary group of young men last night.

Their academic achievements underscore our commitment to a deep understanding and dedication to teaching boys. The results of these can be seen in the relationships forged between student and teacher, the achievements and honors bestowed on our Knights, and the enviable matriculation list earned by the Class of 2022.

Our artists, woodworkers, photographers, live-stream team, videographers, movie makers, and boatbuilders have all demonstrated a unique and special gift that has enhanced all facets of school life this year.

To list a few, New England Championships in Hockey, Baseball, and Golf - as well as the first-ever National Geico Championship captured this past Tuesday by our senior-led lacrosse team

This year brought the rebirth of the incredible work done by our service and leadership team. Led by Rita Delgado and Sixth-former Ryan Mohyeddon, Salisbury hosted multiple blood drives, countless trips to the soup kitchen, and numerous fund-raising events – none more important than our efforts to support the displaced and injured in Ukraine.

For these achievements and more we are proud of our Knights!  View and/or purchase photos of the event on our SmugMug site.



The Josephine Bauman Rudd Prize: Jack Lambros

The Helene K. Bracken Economics Prize: William Zambito

The Harold Corbin Prize: Hudson Gray

The Jones Art Prize: Oliver Frontini

The Reifsnyder Prize : Max Lampe

The Hugh Cheney Science Award: Paul Ferragu

The Edwin C. Tappert Language Award: Max Lampe

The Sixth Form English Prize: John Cao




  • Lucas Cohen
  • Hudson Gray
  • Ilya Linde
  • Paul Ling
  • Conor McCarthy
  • TJ Paradise
  • Sebastian Port
  • Niko Valcin
  • Ryan Wilson


Performing Arts (Theater)

  • Jim Glamos
  • Luke Potter
  • Niko Valcin

Visual Arts

  • Jake Brink
  • Oliver Frontini
  • Jim Glamos
  • Brendan Kiley
  • Jack Lambros
  • Max Lampe
  • Ilya Linde
  • James Mathus
  • Yves Macaire
  • Ryan Mohyeddin
  • Sebastian Port
  • Jéan-Marc Togodgue
  • Niko Valcin
  • Ryan Wilson


  • John Cao
  • Matt Dooley
  • Cole Eichler
  • Oliver Frontini
  • Max Lampe
  • Ilya Linde
  • Ryan Mohyeddin
  • Evan Pelfrey
  • Niko Valcin


  • John Cao
  • Daniel Cho
  • Trace Davidson
  • Jackson Ebbott
  • Will Koester
  • Jack Lambros
  • Max Lampe
  • Max LaTorre
  • Clarence Nurse
  • Evan Pelfrey
  • Matt Rosato
  • Peter Sanger
  • Ethan Strug
  • Ryan Wilson
  • Will Zambito


  • John Cao
  • Daniel Cho
  • Paul Ferragu
  • Andrew Palena
  • James Vu
  • Jim Xiao


  • John Cao
  • Cole Eichler
  • Paul Ferragu
  • Oliver Frontini
  • Jack Lambros
  • Max Lampe
  • Ryan Mohyeddin
  • Andrew Palena
  • James Vu

World Language

  • World Language
  • Daniel Cho
  • Matthew Dooley
  • Jackson Ebbott
  • Cole Eichler
  • Oliver Frontini
  • Jack Lambros
  • Max Lampe – French and Spanish
  • Jean Marc Togodgue
  • Charlie van Beuren



Boatbuilding: Jim Glamos

Ceramics: James Mathus

Digital Photography: Declan Cooke

Painting: Paul Ling

Argumentative & Persuasive Writing: Sam Eichmann

Contemporary Short Fiction: Noah Chachere

English IV Honors: Ryan Mohyeddin

Poetry of Hip Hop: Sean Egan

America and the Cold War: Max Lampe and Matt Rosato

AP World History: Peter Sanger

Coloring Our Past: John Norris

20th Century Global Issues: Will Mangel and Brady O’Sullivan

Entrepreneurial Studies: Matthew Benham and Dane Westen

Discrete Math: Gabriel Abel

Precalculus: Lee Parks

Jazz Ensemble: Niko Valcin

Rock Band: Connor McCarthy

Geology: Will DeLaGarza

AP Physics: Paul Ferragu

Environmental Science: Daniel Santos

Forest Science: Cooper Scully

Physics: John Morris

French III: Liam Chapman

French IV: Cole Eichler

Spanish IV: Jackson Ebbott

Spanish V Honors: Charles vanBeuren


The following students are recipients of MULTIPLE COURSE AWARDS:

Jake Brink:

  • Grand Expectations
  • Woodworking

Daniel Cho:

  • Mandarin V
  • Sculpture

Matt Dooley:

  • Grand Expectations
  • Spanish IV

Andrew Palena:

  • Advanced Topics in Computer Science
  • AP Chemistry

Ben Rosen:

  • AP Microeconomics
  • Banned Literature

Ethan Strug:

  • Calculus
  • Modern Politics and Current Issues

Jéan-Marc Togodgue:

  • AP French
  • Art Survey

James Vu:

  • AP Calculus
  • BC Chemistry Honors

Dane Westen:

  • Boat Building
  • Spanish III

Ryan Wilson:

  • Ceramics
  • Rock Band

John Cao:

  • French III
  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Physics Honors

Jack Lambros:

  • AP Environmental Science
  • Coloring Our Past
  • French IV

Max LaTorre:

  • Creative Writing
  • Economics
  • Modern Politics and Current Issues

Clarence Nurse:

  • Coloring Our Past
  • Fathers and Sons Literature
  • Literature in Film

Evan Pelfrey:

  • Mandarin III
  • Modern Asian History
  • Probability and Statistics

Oliver Frontini:

  • AP Biology
  • English IV Honors
  • Film Making
  • Spanish III Honors

William Zambito:

  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Statistics
  • Literature of Survival
  • Modern Asian History



US Air Force Academy Appointee:  Matt Rosato



The James H. Bates Public Speaking Prize: Will DeLaGarza

The Lawrence Music Award: Lucas Cohen and Ryan Wilson

The Key Society Award:

  • John Meagher
  • Robert Castro-Terrio
  • Cole Eichler

The Colin Conroy ’95 Outstanding Actor Award: Nikolas Valcin

The Drama: Luke Potter

The Chapel Award: Sean Sadayasu

The Cupola Award: Will Mangel



The Matthew B. Corkery Medal:

  • Paul Ferragu
  • John Glomb
  • Jack Lambros  
  • Ilya Linde
  • Clarence Nurse
  • Doryn Smith
  • Ryan Wilson

Joseph A. Sartori Award: Dane Westen

Andy Rutledge Athletic Award: Matthew Dooley

Frank Garfield Medal: Will Mangel

Robert Gardner Athletic Award: Jack Lambros

The Richard T. Flood Athletic Medal: Doryn Smith

The Garrison Miller Crimson Knight Award: Will DeLaGarza



Cross Country:

Salisbury School Cross Country Award: Max Lampe

Varsity Football:

The Jonathan C. Boyce and Patrick Stern Football Award- Offense: Doryn Smith

The Jonathan C. Boyce and Patrick Stern Football Award- Defense: Evan Pelfrey

Varsity Soccer:

The Peter P. Kuhn Award: Will DeLaGarza


The Dennis P. Shortelle Basketball Award:

  • Matthew Dooley
  • Doryn Smith

The Basketball Most Valuable Player Award: James Morakis


The Roswell H. Rudd Hockey Award:

  • Ryan Walsh
  • Dane Westen

The Mills Hockey Award: Oliver Frontini


The Alan Belin Ski Award: Jacob Buch

The Henning Ski Award: Robert Castro-Terrio

The Williams Ski Award: Jack Meagher


The Oliver Grace, Jr. Squash Award: John Cao


The Michael Barnini Wrestling Award: Jack Glomb


The Salisbury Baseball Award: Jake Brink

The William H. Schweitzer Most Valuable Player Award: Hayden Miller


The Salisbury Oarsman Award: Jack Lambros


The Peter A. Fitzgerald Golf Award:

  • Jacob Buch
  • Brooks Merrill


The Bowler Lacrosse Award: Tye Scott

The Hagerman Lacrosse Award: Declan Cooke

The Salisbury Lacrosse Award: Matt Dooley