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Cards On Race
Shana Stalker
Cards on Race

The Office of Integrity and Belonging recently welcomed Liz Fernández P '23 to lead a group of faculty in how to use Cards on Race. Created by Dr. Jackson Collins based on research in independent schools, Cards on Race is a tool to help "develop racial literacy, empathy, and the healthy racial coping strategies needed to navigate our everyday world and our most challenging conversations."

Dr. Collins describes Cards as a "dynamic tool designed to help people examine race in a thoughtful, structured, and engaging way. The deck allows users to develop racial literacy, empathy, and the healthy racial coping strategies needed to navigate our everyday world and our most challenging conversations about race. The deck inspires learning, healing, understanding, and collaboration through fun activities, deep reflection, lively discussion, and creative practice.

The origin for Cards was born from Dr. Collins' findings from his doctoral study which focused on the experiences of students of color who attend majority white independent schools. Dr. Collins identified a common theme within his findings, "the students wished they had the vocabulary and strategies to process racial encounters (and the feelings connected to these encounters) in the moment, after the fact, for themselves, and with others. They also wished their peers and faculty possessed the same racial literacy or capacity to process race deeply. Outside of his research, Jackson has also found a similar desire for practical approaches to understanding the complexities of race in other parts of our society. In particular, in a broad range of workplaces, university settings, and within families."

Liz's presentation aligns with the work of the OIB to inspire courageous exploration of self and others and to listen with the goal of understanding. Faculty in attendance were able to engage in their own learning and growth while concurrently considering how to bring this tool to their work with students. The opportunity to share stories and connect, and be vulnerable and courageous together, brought them closer. We are grateful for Liz's time and expertise, as well as her love of Salisbury!

More on the creator of Cards On Race:

A school and educational leader for over 15 years, Jackson Collins, ED.D., graduated from Amherst College and received his Master’s in Education Leadership from Columbia University. Jackson earned his doctorate in Education & Organizational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania. He is also a proud alum of Prep for Prep. Jackson has presented his research at several national conferences and prominent universities. He has presented at the National Partnership for Educational Access Annual Conference, the National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference, the Ethnography Forum at the University of Pennsylvania, the Winter Roundtable at Columbia University, and at independent schools around the country.

To learn more visit the Cards on Race website.