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Class of 2020 College News
Kristina Miller
Gabriel Phillips '20

Gabriel Phillips '20, one of our many graduating seniors, is headed to West Point in the fall.  

The month of May on the Hilltop often brings with it much cheer and celebration of our seniors. This year is no different, with the exception that we are proudly cheering on our Knights from afar. Congratulations are in order for our Sixth Form class for their hard work and dedication in successfully gaining admission to some of the nation's more competitive colleges and universities. 

This year, our College Office enjoyed working with an outstanding and well-rounded group of sixth formers, representing talents in writing, oration, sciences, math, and digital media; and including talented musicians, athletes, leaders, artists, and community service minded individuals, just to name a few.

We are so proud of the way in which many of our seniors had to embrace making their final college decisions in the midst of the pandemic, and without important opportunities like revisit days. In true Salisbury fashion, their initiative and ingenuity allowed them to make thoughtful and important decisions during extreme adversity; a skill that will serve them well.

We are delighted to report that over 70% of our graduating class will be attending colleges and universities that appear on US News & World Report Top 50 and Barron’s Most Selective lists, and 90% of the class of 2020 has reported that they will be attending a school that was considered their first or second choice school. In keeping with a longstanding tradition of Salisbury students matriculating to service academies, this year we have two members of the Class of 2020 attending the Unites States Military Academy.

We are so proud of our boys' accomplishments, but, perhaps more importantly, we are thrilled that our seniors are excited about where they are matriculating in the fall. The manner in which our Salisbury Gentlemen embraced the challenges of Distance Learning only confirms that they are prepared to excel in any academic environment they encounter. Salisbury School and its faculty have prepared them well.

Now, those are Knights!