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Hilltop Happenings

Cum Laude Ceremony
Collin Shapiro


On Tuesday, May 16th, the Salisbury Chapter of the Cum Laude Society inducted nine new members to the distinguished national organization. Salisbury has been a member of the Cum Laude Society since 1959, and the organization includes over three hundred schools in the United States. The ceremony serves to honor and recognize superior academic work and exceptional character.

What makes Salisbury’s Cum Laude ceremony unique is each inductee is honored with a personal tribute from one of the faculty members in the Chapter. These tributes highlight the students’ success in the classroom, but also their contributions to the learning environment and Salisbury community. Students are inducted because they embody the guiding principles of the organization: Arete, Dike, Time – or Excellence, Justice, and Honor.

The following seven Sixth Formers and two Fifth Formers were inducted on Tuesday.

Class of 2023

Thomas Blair of Melbourne, Australia presented by Mr. Toby Ayer

Hayden Hanes of Old Greenwich, CT presented by Mr. Christopher Russell

Patrick Jing of Chestnut Hill, MA presented by Mrs. Julia Barbato

Hanjoon Kim of Seoul, Korea presented by Mr. Steve Parmelee

John Patrick of Culver, IN presented by Mrs. Julia Barbato

Rowan Schneider of Corona Del Mar, CA presented by Reverend Kirk Hall ‘90

Perry “Sam” Hall of Oldwick, NJ was inducted but unavailable for the ceremony.

Class of 2024

Mykola Kravchenko of Kyiv, Ukraine presented by Mr. Roger McKee ‘72

Seamus Latta of Bozeman, MT presented by Mrs. Trudy Pzynski

Jacky Wang, Woojoon Shim, Timmy Virtudes, Christian Ramos, and Thomas Galusha were responsible for placing the Cum Laude pin on the Sarum brothers’ lapels, another unique tradition on the Hilltop. Jacky and Woojoon were inducted last spring as Fifth Formers. Timmy, Christian, and Thomas were inducted at their former schools. The ceremony this year also featured three students who had siblings inducted to the Salisbury Chapter in previous years. Those boys were James Patrick ‘21, Bayard Hall ‘20, and Ryan Jing ‘20.

This year marks the 63rd induction ceremony at Salisbury and brings student membership of the Chapter to 387. The Salisbury chapter also welcomed Mr. Steve Parmelee who joined the Salisbury community in September and has made an immediate impact in both the English and History Departments.