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Hilltop Happenings

Fall Family Weekend on the Hilltop
Kristina Miller
Fall Family Weekend

The Hilltop was abuzz with activity this past weekend with nearly 400 parents and friends joining us for Fall Family Weekend.  The weather was spectacular, and the views awash with color from the beautiful changing fall leaves.

The weekend began with families visiting their sons’ classes, from which we heard a common sentiment “I wish I could have had a teacher like that." Two very special dinners welcomed International Families on Thursday and Sixth Form Families on Friday, with festive tables and delicious food from Salisbury’s amazing dining staff, and School Convocation shared Mr. Webb’s vision of the future while remaining true to Salisbury’s traditions. At Convocation, students were recognized for their academic contributions in the spring term of 2022, inspiring the boys to work towards their goals. Highlights were the Parent Education speaker, Grace Grinnell, from NAMI who spoke about Adolescent Mental Health and Karen Duffy Lambros P’22 who engaged in a lively discussion of her most recent book “Wise Up” in which she shares Stoic wisdom on living a life of purpose through letters to her son, Salisbury graduate Jack Lambros. At the conclusion of the weekend were several hotly contested athletic contests in soccer, football, and cross country.

Please see photos from the weekend here.

It was a fantastic weekend filled with joy for families as they reconnected with their students and the Hilltop!