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Hilltop Guest Speaker Joe Stone
Kristina Miller

Photo of Joe Stone taken by itsrainingsowhat.com 

We were thrilled to host Joe Stone as our All School guest speaker this week.

"On August 13, 2010 Joe crashed while speed flying—a form of high performance paragliding—in Missoula, MT, causing numerous life-threatening injuries including a broken neck which rendered him an incomplete C7 quadriplegic.

Against the odds, Joe set his sights on becoming the first known wheelchair-using quadriplegics to complete a full IRONMAN Triathlon as a way to inspire others to push their boundaries and live life fully with whatever physical and mental abilities one possesses." (itsrainingsowhat.com) 

Joe's message to our community was heartfelt and inspiring. To learn more about Joe, please take a look at the trailer for his documentary It's Raining So What.