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Hilltop Happenings

Meet Salisbury Gentleman Sadiq Olanrewaju '13
Kristina Miller

Salisbury Gentleman Sadiq Olanrewaju '13 shares his story with the Salisbury community.  

Sadiq Olanrewaju '13 grew up in Montgomery County, MD. He came to Salisbury because he believed it would help him with his goals of playing college football at a high level. Sadiq realized that it gave him that, and ten times more. He became a leader and developed an understanding of who he wanted to become. After graduating from Salisbury, Sadiq went on to study at the University of Virginia and began working at Accenture after graduation.

At Salisbury, Sadiq learned that he had what it took to lead. More specifically, he had the ability to visualize great things for himself and the power to realize them. Sadiq became vice president of the School and was a captain on the football team. He contributes his success on the Hilltop because he was supported in visualizing himself as a leader.

Coach Phelps, Coach Goins, and Coach Bunce were Sadiq’s most important mentors during his time at Salisbury. Coach Phelps kept him accountable, Coach Goins helped him navigate the School as a black man, and Coach Bunce pushed him to think outside the box.

Sadiq’s last visit back to campus was around 2015. He recalls that his favorite place on the Hilltop is the Quad. Whether there was activity on the Quad, or not, he always felt a part of everything when walking around the Quad.

Today, Sadiq is a management consultant who advises clients on large scale business and technology transformations. Salisbury helped his career by surrounding him with a network of mentors such as Herb May, John Coleman, and Campbell Langdon who have advised him on how to think about his career and how to navigate it intentionally.

“While you’re working hard on the Hilltop, make sure you also take time to think of what you want to do in the next 5 to 10 years, and lean on your mentors at Salisbury to guide your thinking, as there is a wealth of knowledge across our staff and faculty.”