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Opening Days 2019
Kristina Miller
View of Chapel from C.W. Terrace

The 2019-20 school year kicked-off on August 29, when we welcomed peer leaders and pre-season athletes to campus. While our athletes were busy on the fields preparing for the fall athletic season, our peer leaders were assisting faculty and staff with Registration preparation. The remaining student body arrived to campus on September 3. Our student leaders helped returning and new students and families navigate Registration, and assisted their fellow Knights by helping them move and settle into their dorm rooms. 

At Registration, our parents joined Headmaster Chandler P'17 for a parent orientation while the boys spent some time with faculty learning about life on the Hilltop. Each form met to discuss topics of interest in a small group format, while getting to know, or reacquaint, with classmates. 

Orientation was held on September 4-5, where our 3rd and 4th formers had the opportunity to go to Camp Sloane to participate in various activities, including ziplining, kayaking, climbing, hiking, and form bonding, where our 5th and 6th formers spent time rafting down the Farmington River. Our Knights thoroughly enjoyed their experiences and the time they shared with their peers and faculty.

The first days of classes brought with it the excitement and energy of the new school year. As Salisbury tradition holds, we began the academic year with Opening Chapel, where Headmaster Chandler P'17 greeted each and every boy and adult member in the community as they entered Chapel. Headmaster Chandler P'17 and Reverend Hall '90 delivered a welcome message to the community, and the service concluded with an exuberantly sung rendition of the Sarum Hymn, in which the community put their best foot forward and sang our hymn with pride. 

Opening weekend consisted of advior-advisee get togethers, cookouts, and fun on the lake. It's great to have all of our boys together on the Hilltop and we look forward to a great year! 

Enjoy this look back at some of the highlights from our 2019 Opening Days.