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Hilltop Happenings

Project Based Learning as a Distance Learner
Kristina Miller

Salisbury's Art Survey course led by Art Instructor Danielle Mailer is a broad-based sampling of painting, ceramics, and sculpture. The class is ideal for curious beginners who wish to explore three different art disciplines in one course. The projects offered include painting from life, sculpting a 3-D object, and making a functional clay piece using slab technique.

Fifth former Daniel Cho '22 is hard at work in Seoul, South Korea on sculpting his 3-D object. This is no simple sculpture as he is developing a concept for a large mobile-like installation to hang permanently in the Wachtmeister Science center entryway to be completed by 2022. Daniel has chosen to create an environmentally conscious work, using recycled materials exclusively, he will create a mini model while in Korea and finish the project prior to installation here on campus. His theme will be arctic life and the threat of climate change and pollution on the Polar Icecap. Daniel and Ms. Mailer meet virtually twice each week to discuss tactics for construction of his concept drawings and small scale sculptures, known as maquettes. Above are a sampling of examples of his studies. Daniel's passion for this topic and his advanced skill set in the realm of drawing and working in 3-D are sure to bring an amazing and meaningful installation of art to the Hilltop.