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Project-Based Learning On The Hilltop
Kristina Miller
History Department Chair Chris Russell

History Department Chair Chris Russell 

Over the past several years, History Department Chair Chris Russell has sought to finetune Salisbury’s approach to teaching history. He emphasizes asking the critical questions first; where do we want to go and how do we get there? Beginning with the desired skills and goals of each particular lesson, he forges a path for his classes to get there.

This trimester, the entire history department shared the theme of human migration studied over different time periods and parts of the world. Our boys researched their own family-history of migration, and connected experiences within history to their own stories. During our winter project-based evaluation, students had the opportunity to present and share tales of migration.

Sebastian Port '22 created an entire Human Migration website to support his work, and several of our Knights showcased their studies in other meaningful ways. To view their projects, and read more about our unique approach to teaching history at Salisbury School, see our Winter 2020 Online Magazine.