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Salisbury Gentleman Sebastian Port '22
Kristina Miller
Sebastian Port '22


I have never stayed in one place for more than three years. I was born in Chicago, then moved to Houston, then back to Chicago, to Germany, England, and then Hong Kong. The question “Where are you from” has always been difficult to answer, especially because in addition to moving all over, my mother is Norwegian, and my dad is British. It’s been hard to find somewhere that I belong, but after finding out about Salisbury School from a friend at Camp Dudley I knew it would be the place for me. It's always been important to me to be with my boys and finding a school that had that was exciting.

I enjoy playing music, and before arriving to the Hilltop, I used to keep my music to myself. I genuinely never really thought it was good enough. But I brought my equipment nonetheless and kept making music. I played some songs for my roommate and he would encourage me to keep going. The boys here have taught me to be confident in what I do, and to keep pushing myself to create something new. Pre-COVID-19 times, I would have the boys pile in the room to watch me create, and that was the best encouragement anybody could ask for. Seeing my closest friends really enjoy, and be intrigued by the things I made, gave me the drive to keep going and keep improving.

I have always felt overwhelming support from my advisors the Brandons and my tutor Ms. Hussey. They have been my go-to people for any issue I’ve had on the Hilltop. Whether it’s an overload of work, or just simply wanting to talk, I can always count on my Salisbury support system. I love planning my work for Ms. Hussey because I know that she’ll praise my accomplishments but will kindly express what needs to be worked on. They support me in everything that I do, and I consider them to be family.

I have always had a passion for music and have played a myriad of instruments growing up. I realized that playing pieces of music wasn’t for me. I wanted to create. My dad has always been a huge inspiration to me because he’s been making his own albums since before I was born. Growing up I would go to my dad’s studio to sit and watch him make music. It fascinated me and was something that I wanted to do myself. Now we work on projects together and share inspiration and ideas with each other. It’s always great to get a second opinion, especially when it’s your dad.

I started working on composing music digitally when I first got my computer in 2015. I feel like my skills have grown exponentially in the past year, partly due to COVID-19, and I discovered that it is the perfect outlet for my energy and emotions. At this point, it takes me about 30 minutes to put a loop together, but it took years of practice and over 700 different songs to master that. I make music by ear and by heart. When I’m composing, I think about how I can make it sound full? What energy do I want to give off? Is this a song I can get lost in or bob my head to? I ask myself all these different things in a split second while I’m putting it together. By far my favorite thing is sampling, which is taking another song, chopping the melody up into different parts, changing the pitch, rearranging it, and adding more sounds and different effects to compliment the sample. I add different drum patterns then split all the sounds and arrange it into something I like.

Sebastian recently completed his first album—from composition to production to artwork! He took the photo for his album cover around 2015 when he used to sit in the back of his car on long road trips and experiment with his DSLR camera. The name of the album, “Good Enough,” was thought of by Sebastian's dad because Sebastian would always say it’s not good enough, when it really was.