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Hilltop Happenings

Salisbury Trek with GivePower
Kristina Miller

Profound moments happen when one takes advantage of an opportunity.  As the only high school in the United States doing a trip with GivePower, in early December twelve Salisbury boys and two faculty members were provided a transformational journey to travel to Colombia to do a highly interactive service trip.  The Salisbury boys who were fortunate enough to win a lottery selected spot on this trip ultimately took full advantage of this mission-true program.  The learning, the growth, the impact, the fellowship, and the Brotherhood were on full display as they installed a solar array for a school in the remote village of LaGuajira.  Just as generations of Salisbury Gentlemen have done, these "Brothers Built for Others" experienced what it means to inspire and partner in solutions for the future. 

The story is best told in the boys’ own words, but from the moment this vision was first articulated there has been positive energy all around.  In some ways, it feels a bit like the Apollo space program more than 60 years ago.  There will be so many benefits to developing this legacy program on top of the core mission of the project-based, mission true experience for Salisbury School.  The success of the trip truly amplifies that Salisbury is the "school where young men of character go to impact lives and the world."  Salisbury graduating men of character and promise has never been truer than it is today.  More and more, people want to be part of mission-driven companies and opportunities.

The 2022 trekkers recounted their transformational, project-based learning experiences in Colombia during the “courage” themed Martin Luther King Jr. Day workshops.  Once they were pioneers, now they are the “multipliers” for Crimson Knights to come in their advocacy as they tell the story.  The participants know that they made a difference, a difference in this world that will be an empowering confidence for years to come.

One of the trekkers was asked, "Why?  Why would you sign up for a trip that you knew very little about other than what you were going to do?"  Response: "I knew it would be a life changing experience."  He and the other participants know today that their legacy will forever be the literal lighting of a remote village in Colombia. In addition to their work to install a solar micro-grid, thus solving for water scarcity and electricity for a school, our now experienced global citizens have a depth of knowledge to share and inspire the hearts of others.  Sarum Brothers, it’s what we do, it’s who we are.

Relive this profound experience by taking a moment to watch this video