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Hilltop Happenings

Spring Recital on the Hilltop
Kristina Miller
Spring Recital

We recently held our Spring Recital on the Hilltop with performances by Classical Ensemble and Rock Band. 

Salisbury's Classical Ensemble performed Bach's Sonata BMV 1038, which included four movements: Largo, Vivace, Adagio, and Presto.

Musicians include Chris Luo '21 on violin, Simon Tang '21 on clarinet and Lucas Cohen '22 on cello. Our 2021-2022 Classical Ensemble was Directed by Anton Kuskin and Chair of the Music Department Peter McEachern. View the Classical Ensemble performance.

Classical Ensemble

Salisbury's Rock Band performed Hotel California by the Eagles. Musicians include Cole Rice '21 on bass, Cam Colton '21 on guitar, Connor McCarthy '22 on guitar, Griffin Fitzpatrick '23 on guitar, Ryan Wilson '23 on drums, and Wade Barillaro '24 on guitar. View the Rock Band performance.

Now, those are Knights!