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Student Spotlight: Vincent Sprenger '20
Kristina Miller

Q&A with Vincent Sprenger '20: 

After my freshman year back home in Hamburg, Germany, I sent my highlight tape to Gridiron Imports. I saw that they brought a couple of boys to the US to play football, and I was hopeful that my highlight tape would be seen. Two weeks passed, and Bjoern Werner '10 reached out and asked for my phone number so that we could talk. When we spoke, he asked me If I wanted to go to the US and play football; my answer was yes! I signed up to play, and in the next few days around 13 prep schools contacted me, but Bjoern told me to focus on Salisbury and get in touch with Coach Phelps. After I completed my application to Salisbury and had my Skype interview with Mr. Spinella, I received a letter of acceptance from the School. A dream came true for me to play football in the US, but I’m also grateful to be a part of a very special Brotherhood at Salisbury. 

1. What have you learned in your time on the Hilltop that's been most useful to you and has had the most impact on your life thus far?

What I’ve learned is that if you want to have success you have to work for it every single day. You have to work harder than everybody else. Everything builds up. You have to take every single step and not get frustrated if something doesn’t work out on the first try, just try harder the next time.

2. What's your favorite place on campus and why?

My favorite place is the Flood Athletic Center. You work out together, have fun together, or just watch a Saturday night hockey game with the boys. When we workout everybody pushes each other to their limits. If you look up and see all the banners hanging on the walls, you see how much success this School has had. My personal opinion is that we need a few more football banners, and I’ll do everything for it next year!

3. What's your favorite activity and why? 

My favorite sport is football. I just love to be on the turf with the guys--whether we practice or have a game, it’s always fun. Also, the atmosphere in the locker room is great and everybody enjoys being there. When we practice, we just focus on the game, leaving homework and other things up on the Hill, to simply have a free mind for two hours everyday. 

Now, that's a Knight!