All-School Read 2017

It is with excitement that we share news of our Salisbury School All-School Read program. 

All students will read the same book as we look to frame areas of emphasis for the year. The All-School read is Sebastian Junger's book, Tribe. All of Salisbury's faculty and students will participate and engage in a community discussion on the many relevant issues it raises. Our plan is to use the central themes of the book to frame a year-long discussion within the community.

All-school Read Discussion Questions: 

  • In Junger's introduction, he tells the story of hitchhiking as a young man and being approached by a stranger, who showed concern about his food supply. It turned out the man was homeless, but gave him what little food he had because he "saw [him] from town and just wanted to make sure [he was] okay." Junger described this gesture as more than generosity. He writes, "he'd taken responsibility for me." As you read, consider this idea: What would it mean to take responsibility for your Salisbury brothers?
  • What do you think Junger means when he uses the term "modern society"?
  • What is materialism? Do you believe it exists? What is its impact on society?
  • In the introduction to Tribe, Junger describes the Boston suburb where he grew up as largely isolating and disconnected. How does this compare with the neighborhood, or community, where you grew up?
  • Have you ever seen your community (home) engage in collective effort? Have you seen Salisbury engage in collective effort?
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