The "That's a Knight" Award

In an effort to highlight those who exemplify the ideals of a Salisbury Knight, we have developed the "That's a Knight" Award. The program recognizes students and community members who go above and beyond, who prove to have a strong moral compass, who give back to our community and who clearly display the qualities of a Salisbury Gentleman. Faculty and staff have the opportunity to nominate students and others who they feel deserve recognition for doing good on campus. A Knight can be nominated for any number of things, all surrounding the idea of giving back to our community. Mr. Chandler recognizes these efforts during all-school meeting and awards the "That’s a Knight" lapel pin in recognition of their selflessness and dedication to the Salisbury community.

Michael Chiang '19
While driving Michael back from an appointment today in pouring down rain, the windshield wiper flew off my car and Michael instantly said to me, "I'll take care of that"!  I stopped the car and Michael quickly jumped out, got the wiper, and put it back on! He never thought twice about the rain. A true Salisbury gentlemen' now That's A Knight!


Chad Soule '18

Chad is often one of the last guys to leave the fitness center at the end of each day.  Every time I am on duty, Chad takes the time to gather towels left behind by others and puts them in the bin, re-racks the weights others left behind, hangs up mats left on the floor, and tidies up the benches, bars, etc.  He takes the extra time to be sure the fitness center is clean, making less work for the athletic center staff and others. Plus, he is an all around good guy!

A Sampling of Previous Award Winners:

Kevin Warming '19 and Thomas Newberry '19

“During the first chapel service of the school year, Tommy Newberry ’19 and Kevin Warming ’19 found an envelope in their pew, left over from a late summer wedding.  In the envelope was a note wishing the bride and groom a happy and wonderful life together and some cash to help start their lives together. 

Not knowing either the bride or groom and surmising that they were not even aware of the existence of the gift, how easy would it have been for Tommy and Kevin to keep their find for themselves?  However, the boys did what honorable and true Knights should do.  They took the envelope to a faculty member and made sure it was passed along to the bride and groom.  It turns out that the bride was the daughter of faculty members, Jeff Ruskin and Rita Delgado, who were touched by the boys’ honesty and integrity.

We hold each and every boy at Salisbury to the highest standards of citizenship, and for their actions, Tommy Newberry and Kevin Warming are celebrated as Salisbury Gentlemen!  That’s a Knight!"













Walker Battey '17

"A few days ago, one of my colleagues was checking on his classroom in the Wachtmeister-Bates Math and Science Building, and he noticed two boys seated together and in discussion.  One boy looked up and asked if they could sit there awhile, as there was time between classes.  It seems that one boy had asked the other if he had indeed effectively understood a recent Chemistry lesson because he had not and had some questions.  Over the next 35 minutes, Walker Battey retaught the aforementioned lesson in his own words so that his classmate could gain a better grasp of the material.  It was a simple gesture, to help a friend in need, but the call was answered with commitment, empathy, and selflessness. Today, we salute Walker Battey for being the kind of boy on whom others can rely.  That’s a Knight!"


Chase Merrill '17, Masashi Kawabata '17, and Torrance Smith '16 

"Filling a void and supporting others are key traits of the Salisbury Gentleman.  Last week, a group of adult women from the local area were short a couple of oarswomen for their practice.  It was late in the afternoon, and our boys were just finishing a lengthy and grueling practice on Lake Washinee.  Nevertheless, when asked to volunteer to jump in and help our neighbors train, our boys didn’t hesitate.  They answered a call.  Chase Merrill '17, Masashi Kawabata '17, and Torrance Smith '16 did what any Salisbury boy would do.  Not only did they ensure that our neighbors had enough bodies to push their boat, they demonstrated correct technique and regaled the visitors with stories from the Hilltop! 

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