On the Hilltop, we have a rich tradition of athletic competition dating back to the School’s founding in 1901. Our founding headmaster, George E. Quaile, believed it was just as important for boys to develop their bodies as it was to develop their minds.





Developing Champions On and Off the Playing Fields

We continue to honor this belief today. The development of a healthy body and healthy mind go together as critical parts of your early education. Part of the reason we’ve become one of the most prestigious athletic boarding schools in Connecticut is that we treat academics and athletics with equal seriousness and encourage an environment in which healthy competition builds more productive and well-rounded individuals. Our interscholastic and recreational programs offer you opportunities to hone your leadership skills and develop key values including discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, humility and respect for others that will inspire you to lead rewarding and active lives.

Salisbury students are three-season athletes. Whether you have been playing football for years or are learning the basics of tennis, you are part of the Crimson Knight tradition. We offer more than 30 interscholastic sports at a variety of levels and a number of recreational activities in which you can compete, and, hopefully, develop a lifelong appreciation for fitness.

Faculty members serve as coaches to our athletic teams and teach important lessons both on and off the field. These close-knit relationships are at the core of the Salisbury experience.

We are thrilled that Salisbury’s excellence in the classroom carries over to our athletic program.  While we are fortunate to boast a number of New England and league championships in recent years, we are most proud of our students and their commitment to being gentlemen both on and off the field. To learn more contact our Director of Athletics, Tim Sinclair '91 at or 860-435-5898.

Team Photos 

Team photos from previous seasons can be purchased directly from Salisbury's photo gallery site, SmugMug.  Click here to go directly to Salisbury's Athletic Photo gallery, for further details visit the Athletic Photos section below.

Athletic Photo Gallery

Athletic Photo Gallery 

Joseph Meehan, an internationally recognized photographer, writer and teacher for over 40 years, has been shooting Salisbury’s varsity athletic teams for ten years. A Salisbury, CT, resident, he is a “regular” at home games and has traveled to shoot championship play-off games. His work is regularly featured in the Salisbury Magazine as well as in galleries on the School’s Web site. Joseph Meehan's photography style has been characterized by the New York Times as “…alive with color and sparkling with light.” Thousands of his photographs have been featured in books, magazines, and on Web sites world-wide and he is the author of 30 books on photography. Visit The School is very pleased to display his work on our photo gallery site, SmugMug. Proceeds from the purchase of Joe's athletic photos benefit Salisbury's Athletic Department.


Team Photos 

Team photos can be purchased directly from Salisbury's photo gallery site, SmugMug

Our Facilities

Our World Class Athletic Facilities




Salisbury is fortunate to offer you superb indoor and outdoor space for athletic and fitness activities. In addition, our athletic training staff works in collaboration with both the Athletic Department and Health Services. The athletic trainers evaluate all athletic injuries and determine athletic status using consultation with the director of health services and the school physician when necessary.







Outdoor Facilities

  • Reeves Football Field
  • Wachtmeister Field- a turf facility with lights
  • The Class of 1997 Fields
  • Natalie Gardner Baseball Field
  • Centennial Tennis Courts – eight hard-surfaced courts
  • Grengras/King/Zecher Paddle Tennis Courts
  • Cross Country Course
  • Practice fields for football, soccer, lacrosse, and baseball
  • Lake Washinee (crew and sailing)
  • 700+ acre campus

Indoor Facilities

  • Flood Athletic Center
    • The Class of 1959 Hockey Arena
    • 2 Basketball Courts
    • The Harris Squash Center- Eight Courts
    • The Robin Mead Wrestling Room
    • Class of 2007 Fitness Center
    • A Free Weight Room
    • The Gates Training Facility
    • Locker Rooms and Shower Facilities
  • The Curtis Boathouse
  • The Class of 2002 Dome-3 indoor tennis courts
  • Myers Gymnasium
    • Indoor Training Facility for Baseball & Golf
  • Erg Training Room

Salisbury School is one of the best-equipped sports boarding schools in Connecticut, with extensive indoor and outdoor facilities located on a 725-acre main campus. Expansive facilities are only one part of our commitment to you, as a student athlete. Our coaches and advisors work closely with students, often taking on a mentoring role that is invaluable to your interpersonal and academic development. 

Football Summer Workout

Summer Workout Program


The philosophy behind the Salisbury Strength & Conditioning Program is to develop a "full body" athlete by focusing on all of the physical and mental aspects of player development. It must be understood that every aspect of the Strength & Conditioning Program has a very specific role in developing strength, explosiveness, speed, flexibility, balance, conditioning and mental toughness.

Strength Training

The Strength Training portion of your summer manual is deigned to develop your overall strength, flexibility, body control and explosiveness by concentrating on quick and explosive lifts. It will be important that you understand how to calculate your percentages (percentages of your maximum lifts) on the core lifts (benches, squats and hang cleans) in order to maximize your training. Stay committed to the complete program as the supplemental lifts (non-core) are equally important as they are critical elements to developing explosive football players.

Speed Development

The Speed Development portion of your summer manual is critical in developing the fundamentals in effective and efficient movement. Each drill and exercise must be done at a maximum level.


Maintaining flexibility MUST be a constant element to an effective strength and conditioning program. When an athlete is not able to put a body joint through the proper range of motion, it can limit performance while increasing the risk of injury.

Mental Toughness

You are capable to do more than you think you can! Our strength and conditioning program will challenge your body beyond its comfort level. Expect to hit barriers and be prepared to overcome the adversity and temptation to cut corners. You will develop the ability and capacity to push through barriers created by pain and fatigue. This mental toughness will carry onto the practice and game fields as well.


Conditioning should be cycled with light, medium and heavy days to avoid over-training. It will be important that we come into our season already in great condition from our summer program. We would rather spend our preseason focusing on fundamentals, schemes and execution rather than overcoming a missed opportunity over the summer to become well conditioned athletes.


You are what you put in your body. Eating properly can enhance your physical development while developing a healthy lifestyle.

"No one ever got ahead by sitting on their behinds" -Unknown

Strength and Weight Training

Week By Week

Conditioning and Agility


Dynamic Warm Ups


Strength Training Videos
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Dynamic Videos
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Lacrosse Summer Workout

 Click here to download and print our Lacrosse Summer Workout Program.





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