Rudd Learning Center

The Josephine Rudd Learning Center is a well-established academic support program that has aided in the academic success of Salisbury School boys since the 1950s. Over the years, the program has grown to become one of the leading learning centers in New England.

Our Program and Mission

The RLC provides one-on-one support to help Salisbury boys reach their full academic potential in a traditional boarding school setting. At the core of the program is the development of organization, time management, and study skills. In addition, we provide prescriptive skills-based instruction tailored to meet each individual student’s learning style. The Learning Center staff is comprised of a talented team of instructors and learning specialists who have a wide range of abilities, backgrounds, and expertise. We provide a systematic and diagnostic approach of instruction to help our boys develop confidence, become independent learners, and achieve academic success at Salisbury School and beyond.

For further information, please contact Director of the Rudd Learning Center Kati Brandon at or 860-435-5766.



Students are enrolled in the RLC based on their learning profile, past academic experience, or a recommendation from their parents, teachers, advisor or previous school. The Director of the Learning Center, the admissions team, and the Director of Studies carefully review new students' files and transcripts to determine a recommendation for enrollment. In addition, students may seek out the Learning Center at any time throughout the academic year if they need more regular and individualized support than what their teachers can offer. On average, the Learning Center services 25-30% of the student body at any given time over the course of the school year.

One of our main goals is to transition students out of the Learning Center once they become more independent learners. The plan for scaffolding support is individualized, but the overall focus is to help students understand their learning style, master the study skills required to succeed in a rigorous academic setting, and feel confident in their learning. The student, his tutor, advisor, teachers, and parents will discuss a plan to either decrease or discontinue support. Changes such as the number of tutoring sessions per week or the type of support received can happen at any point throughout the school year or at the beginning of a new school year.



Salisbury School offers academic accommodations to students who qualify through their psychological-educational or neuropsychological evaluations. Common accommodations

that we grant include extended time on academic testing, calculator or laptop use, audiobooks, and waivers for foreign language courses.

The Rudd Learning Center is integrated into the fabric of the school curriculum. We have a team of qualified tutors who provide the necessary guidance and support while students develop the skills necessary to advocate for themselves and become independent learners. The RLC is a place where Salisbury students can enhance their scholarly aptitudes for high school, college, and beyond.





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