Graduation Requirements

Salisbury’s diploma requirements illustrate the faculty’s long-standing commitment to a curriculum reflecting balance and depth. Salisbury graduates have an excellent foundation for college work. They have carried a full academic schedule with a variety of course work throughout their Salisbury years.

  • English - 4 years
  • History - 3 years (1 year U.S. History)
  • Mathematics - 3 years
  • World Language - 3 years of one or 2 years of two languages
  • Science - 2 years (laboratory)
  • Art - 3 trimesters
  • Philosophy & Religion - 3 trimesters


Grade Point Average Calcluations 

Positioning our students for optimal success in the college selection process is a key focus for each boy, his parents, and the School. In this spirit, we are pleased to implement the calculation of an overall grade point average (GPA). A cumulative GPA will also be listed on the student’s official transcript in addition to our standard practice of letter grades from each instructor. This is a common practice amongst many of our peer schools across New England, as well as in most public schools. 

A+ 100-97 (4.3)   C+ 79-77 (2.3)
96-93 (4.0)   76-73 (2.0)
A- 92-90 (3.7)   C-  72-70 (1.7)
B+ 89-87 (3.3)   D+ 69-67 (1.3)
B 86-83 (3.0)   66-63 (1.0)
B- 82-80 (2.7)   D- 62-60 (0.7)

For honors and AP classes, grades are weighted. The purpose of this is to recognize and reward students for taking a more rigorous program of study and to give them a numerical advantage when determining relative academic performance and related honors..Advanced Placement courses will be weighted with an additional .66 of a point, and courses with an Honors designation will be weighted with an additional .33 of a point.

The benefits to adding a GPA to the transcript and to weighting grades are:

  • It gives Salisbury and colleges a more accurate academic profile of each student.
  • It positions the student for optimal success in the college process.
  • It recognizes and rewards those who succeed in our most rigorous academic courses.
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