Spring Athletic Awards Announced
Posted 06/14/2018 03:05PM


Coaches Awards: Daniel Turevski '18 and Peter Gottsegen '21

Most Improved: Matt Adams' 21and Jack Zhan ''19


Thirds Tennis

Coaches Awards: Logan LaPole '19 and Duncan McKee '19

Most Improved: Vu Ngo'20 and Wes Cobb'20


JV Tennis

Coaches Award: Charlie Shepherd''20

Most Improved: Wally McKeon'20


Varsity Tennis

Coaches Award: George Conroy '21 and Barry Wu'21

Most Improved: Nicky Nathanson '19

Gordon Reed Award: Henry Nordahl '18

Steven Parker Award: Trip Smith '21


JV Golf

Coaches Award: Carlos Gomez '20 and Victor Beauchamp '18

Most Improved: Diego Narvaez '19


Varsity Golf

Coaches Award: Will Buckley '18

Most Improved: James Tait '19

Peter A. Fitzgerald Award: AJ Sanchez '18


JV Baseball

Coaches Award: Sterling Gregg '20 and Alex Kim '18

Most Improved: Drew Vernali '20


Varsity Baseball

Coaches Award: Sean Langan '18

Most Improved: Bennett Psyhogeos'18

1st Team All-League: Danny Anderson '18, Bryan McGrath 18, Theo McDowell '18, and Bennett Psyhogeos '18

2nd Team All-League: Dylan Sanchez '18, Adam Colangelo '18, and Troy Dunnam '18

Most Valuable Player: Emmet Sheehan '18

Salisbury Baseball Award: Dylan Sanchez '18


Thirds Lacrosse

Coaches Award: Alvaro De-Arriba-Cadahia '18 and Jack Doyle '19

Most Improved: Thomas Yegbor '20


JV Lacrosse

Coaches Award: Pete Schellbach '20 and Drew LaVoie '20

Most Improved: Luke Nemsick '21 and Davis Burleson '21


Varsity Lacrosse

Coaches Award: Jake Sampson '18

Most Improved: Kevin Wall '18 and Timmy Lischer '19

Hagerman Award: Amos Gilbert '18 and Teioshontathe McComber '18

Second Lacrosse Award: Quinn Towne '18 and David DeMartino '18

Lacrosse Award: Joe Neuman '18 and John Lombardi '18

Keeping of the Culture: Dawson Wynne '19


Our Crew Team is currently competing; awards have not yet been given.

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